11 Best Free AI Headshot Generators In 2024

AI Headshot Generators use artificial intelligence algorithms to create professional-looking headshots and profile pictures. Users can use these tools to create professional, HD AI headshots and profile pictures for various purposes, including business profiles, resumes, and social media.

Fotor, VEED.IO, PFPMaker.com, and ArtGuru.ai are the most popular AI Headshot Generator. These tools are easy to use and allow users to experiment with various styles, hairstyles, backdrops, and outfits.

Anyone can use these AI tools. They also maintain accuracy and require multiple photos from various angles to analyze facial features.

Best Free AI Headshot Generators In 2024

AI Headshot Generators create professional-looking headshots and profile pictures. These tools can automatically detect face details and generate vivid and good-looking AI headshots within seconds. Users can also generate AI headshots from text descriptions.

  • Fotor AI Headshot Generator: It is known for its high-quality images and ability to generate headshots in various styles.
  • Aragon AI: It generates headshots tailored to your needs, such as for business or social media.
  • Media IO AI Headshot Generator: It is known for its ease of use and ability to generate headshots in various file formats.
  • Headshot Pro: It can generate headshots with different backgrounds and lighting conditions.
  • Pfpmaker: It can generate optimized headshots for use as profile pictures.
  • Airbrush AI: It is known for its ability to generate airbrushed and retouched headshots.
  • Pro Photos AI: It generates headshots processed with professional-grade photo editing software.
  • Simplified AI Headshot Generator: It is known for its simplicity and ability to generate headshots in just a few clicks.
  • Studio shot AI: It generates headshots that look like they were taken in a professional studio.
  • Try It on AI: This generator is known for its ability to generate headshots with different clothing and accessories.
  • Secta AI: It generates headshots that are realistic and natural-looking

1. Fotor AI Headshot Generator 

Fotor AI Headshot Generator 

It allows you to create professional, realistic HD profiles quickly and easily. This is the best Headshot Generator for business profiles, resumes, and social media.

It utilizes advanced technology to create personalized and professional headshots from user inputs. It also offers a variety of artistic styles that are very helpful for various preferences.

How do you use Fotor for a professional headshot?

  • Click the button Generate a Headshot.
  • Upload your multiple photos or selfies.
  • Next, choose an AI headshot style that you like.
  • Finally, preview and download the generated AI headshots.


  • Users can transform portraits into professional headshots. You can easily enhance your online presence and add a creative touch to your profiles. It also transforms anime into a visual image.
  • It offers professional AI headshots for team profiles, brand image, and credibility. Its Advanced algorithms analyze facial features and ensure consistency and professionalism across all AI headshot images.
  • It offers many tools for designing professional LinkedIn profiles to enhance your presence and stand out your profile in the competitive job market.
  • It also allows users to create unique AI avatars from text descriptions. It uses advanced technology to create realistic headshots for any occasion, from text to images.


  • Its pro plan cost is $8.99, and its pro+ plan cost is $19.99.

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2. Aragon AI

Aragon AI headshot

You can create professional headshots by transforming selfies into stunning and realistic AI photos. Its Advanced AI picture generators eliminate the need for DSLR shots. You can upload 12 selfies, and the generator will notify you when finished. Millions of users trust it.

How to use Aragon AI?

  1. Upload your images.
  2. Its AI builds a custom AI model with your digital likeness.
  3. Select backgrounds, poses, and styles.
  4. Download the image.


  • It offers premium quality at a lower price and enhances your LinkedIn presence.
  • It offers a money-back guarantee and allows customers to return their purchases within 30 days.
  • You can easily generate a complete headshot by uploading a minimum of 14 photos of the same person in different outfits, locations, and lighting conditions.


  • Its starter plan costs $29, the basic plan costs $39, and the premium plan costs $69.

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3. Media IO AI Headshot Generator

Media IO AI Headshot Generator

This platform generates professional-quality and human-like headshots for online profiles and enhances your chances of success with just a few clicks. You can create professional-looking headshots in multiple styles without hiring a professional photographer.

How to Generate Professional Headshots with AI?

  1. Launch Media.io on your mobile or desktop.
  2. Select a headshot style from options like ID, realistic, headshot, and more.
  3. Upload at least five photos of yourself taken from varying angles.
  4. Download the new headshots within a few minutes.


  • It offers a free solution to convert boring selfies into professional-grade headshots. It converts low-quality photos into professional ones.
  • You can easily create LinkedIn life-like headshots with varying styles, hairstyles, backgrounds, outfits, and expressions.
  • It is very easy to use and cost-effective than traditional photoshoot services. It costs less than other AI-based programs and offers better results.
  • It is the best AI tool to showcase your unique style and brand personality. It also offers a variety of art styles for professional business.


  • Its basic plan cost is $9.99, and the pro plan cost is $14.99.

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4. Headshot pro

Headshot pro

You can easily create professional business headshots without a physical photo shoot with this AI photographer. Just upload photos, choose a style, and receive 120+ headshots in minutes.

Select your outfit and backdrops, and the AI picture generator takes 8-12 pictures to create professional headshots with high-quality and professional-looking profiles.

How to use Headshot Pro?

  • Choose the style of headshot that best represents you.
  • Upload your selfies to the platform.
  • Its AI photographer will generate over 120+ headshots.
  • You can download the selected headshots in high resolution.


  • It is the fastest and easiest way to obtain professional corporate headshots for yourself or your team.
  • This AI Tool prioritizes privacy, auto-deletes uploaded images after 7 days and provides high-quality 4k resolution pictures.
  • You will get professional corporate business headshots at an affordable price. It is suitable for small and large teams and offers high-quality images without breaking the bank.


  • Small Shoot: $29/ shoot (40 headshots, 1 Style)
  • Normal Shoot: $39/ shoot (120 headshots, 3 Styles)
  • Premium Shoot: $49/ shoot (240 headshots, 6 Styles)

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5. Pfpmaker

Pfpmaker headshot

You will get 120+ AI headshots from your selfies and enhance your professional presence on social networks. Its AI-generated professional headshots for business profiles, social networks, resumes, and email signatures.

How to use Pfpmaker?

  1. Upload your photos in different settings.
  2. Receive 120+ AI-generated headshots.
  3. Save the ones you like and download them.


  • It offers hundreds of styles, settings, and backdrops for corporate headshots. You will get access to high-quality images for any occasion, from private jets to CEO offices.
  • Its AI headshots attract more connections and business leads. You can use this AI tool to level up your CV/Resume for more attention and job offers.
  • You will get high-quality professional corporate headshots for yourself or your team from home. It allows you to feel confident and look your best.


  • Its cost starts from $15.

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6. Airbrush AI

Airbrush AI headshot

Airbrush AI is an affordable and effective AI picture generator ideal for teams and corporate headshots. It offers a wide range of backgrounds and outfits for professional headshots and allows users to customize their images to create professional-looking results.

How to use Airbrush AI?

  1. Select a style designed by professional photographers.
  2. Upload your selfies with different expressions and emotions.
  3. Download your photos in 60 minutes via mail.


  • This platform offers 30+ retouching tools and style templates designed by professional photographers.
  • It offers solutions for various media, including team pages, social profiles, business cards, pamphlets, brochures, and email signatures.
  • You can upload various photos with different facial expressions and styles, including 8 portraits, 4 side profiles, and 6 close-ups. It avoids headwear, sunglasses, and full makeup for optimal results.


  • Its Lite Plan cost is $4.99, Normal Plan cost is $39.98, and premium plan cost is $79.88.

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7. Pro Photos AI

Pro Photos AI

It offers high-quality and realistic AI headshots for professional business and corporate use. It offers traditional photoshoots by generating high-quality headshots that capture your unique personality and style.

You can easily transform casual photos into polished professional headshots with a fast, affordable, and user-friendly AI headshot generator.


  • It is a quick and easy tool that can transform casual photos into professional headshots. It is very suitable for LinkedIn, resumes, and other professional materials.
  • It offers professional headshots for LinkedIn, resumes, and company websites. It allows you to enhance your online presence.
  • Its technology is very helpful in analyzing facial features, customizing lighting, and performing face corrections to create professional headshots.


  • Your Cost begins from $25.

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8. Simplified AI Headshot Generator

Simplified AI Headshot Generator

It is a tool that can transform your photos into professional masterpieces and provide high-quality headshots in a studio setting.

It offers affordable, professional headshots with AI technology and allows users to showcase their best face without spending any cost.


  • You can customize your style and personalize composition, lighting, and filters.
  • It is affordable and efficient for headshot creation. It is anytime, anywhere for professional headshots.
  • It offers high-quality headshots at your fingertips. It will capture your unique essence and enhance your professional image.


  • It is available for free, and you can also use its pro version.

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9. Studio shot AI

Studio shot AI

It offers dozens of custom-designed styles that are crafted by photographers, touchup artists, and AI technology. All images are expertly lit and captured with breathtaking detail.

You will get studio-quality imagery with unlimited touchups and dedicated support. It also offers dozens of unique styles to choose from, ranging from Natural Lit to White Studio.


  • You can get high-quality headshots without opting for a traditional photo shoot.
  • It offers a unique style in terms of lighting, background, and overall aesthetics.
  • It is ideal for team pages, LinkedIn profiles, pamphlets, and business cards.
  • It utilizes AI to create stunning photoreal portraits from selfies. You can easily create gorgeous images 100% from home.


  • Its cost starts from 29.25 USD/person.

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10. Try It on AI

Try It on AI headshot

You will get professional, studio-quality AI headshots for LinkedIn, resumes, acting portfolios, and social media. It offers professional AI headshots for various purposes, including business headshots, content marketing, employer branding, and offline collateral.

How to use It?

  1. Upload the pictures.
  2. Select your Style of the headshot.
  3. Download the headshot.


  • It offers a wide range of professional headshots, including business, content marketing, employer branding, and endless portrait styles available.
  • Its AI Headshots are delivered within 90 minutes after submitting 10+ selfies.
  • It offers a large collection of styles and images is available. It also offers human editors for $10.


  • It provides 100 AI headshots for 17 USD.

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11. Secta AI

Secta AI headshot

Secta AI is a tool that generates professional headshots from ordinary selfies in less than an hour. It offers a private gallery for saving and exporting portraits and offers a money-back facility for unsatisfied users. Its AI generates professional headshots from your 25 favorite photos.


  • It eliminates the need to try on new clothes makeup, or visit a location.
  • Its private gallery allows users to save and export images they like the most.
  • Get 300+ professional headshots in various styles, including indoor, outdoor, and color splash.
  • It offers a 100% money-back guarantee for users who do not receive satisfactory results and have not downloaded any images from the gallery.


  • You can buy 300+ professional headshots for just 49 USD instead of 99 USD.

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I have shared the 11 AI Headshot Generators to create a unique style and brand personality. AI Headshot Generator are a popular tool for creating professional headshots. It allows users to upload multiple life photos or selfies and choose an AI-infused solution to create studio-quality headshots. These tools are perfect for LinkedIn, resumes, acting portfolios, social media, and more.

In summary, the AI Headshot Generator is a versatile tool for creating professional headshots for various occasions. It offers a user-friendly interface and a wide range of features to help users create stunning professional photos.


Are AI-generated headshots good?

Yes, the AI Headshot Generator allows users to create professional, realistic HD AI headshots and profile pictures for various purposes, including business profiles, resumes, and social media.

Can AI make me a headshot?

Yes, PFPMaker.com and Aragon AI are the best free tools to create a perfect headshot.

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