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Perplexity AI Review

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Perplexity is a search engine, research assistant, and conversational chatbot. It uses AI to provide users with concise and accurate answers to their questions. It is primarily useful for research purposes, but you can use it to do much more. It also provides real-time information on various topics and empowers users to find the information they need quickly and efficiently.

  • It provides real-time information on different topics.
  • Encourages critical thinking and analysis.
  • Perplexity considers the context of your past queries for better results.
  • Every answer comes with clear citations and explore further if needed.
  • It may not be suitable for complex decisions.
  • It has advanced search filters or customization options.

Perplexity is a search engine and a research assistant that uses artificial intelligence, natural language processing, and machine learning to provide accurate answers. It has a search box where users can type questions and get answers by pressing the enter button. Users can also ask additional questions in order to gain additional insights on a particular topic.

Its AI fetches data within websites and shows you summaries or provides you with any information within a specific URL / domain. It is designed for individuals and professionals seeking assistance with research, knowledge gathering, and generating comprehensive answers.

Perplexity AI Review

Perplexity AI is an AI-powered search engine that strives to improve how people look for and share knowledge. It enhances content quality by integrating with AI models like Claude and GPT-4 and extracting relevant LSI keywords.

If you want to get information related to any topic then enter the query in your natural language, Perplexity AI is the best platform because it fetches information from multiple sources on the web to reply. It extracts and learns from the top results, you can ensure that the information you get is always updated.


  • It has the ability to generate exhaustive and precise responses as compared to conventional search engines.
  • It uses large language models (LLMs) to provide accurate and reliable answers to complex questions.
  • It generates useful responses by selecting the best one from multiple sources and summarizing the results.
  • Upload your research paper as a text or PDF file to summarize and get what you want from it.
  • It helps find specific discussion-based answers from Reddit or research papers from academia.


  • Sometimes, It may generate wrong answers.

Overall, Perplexity AI is a search engine powered by artificial intelligence (AI) that integrates AI with web search. It helps professionals in various fields, including programmers, writers, artists, musicians, and researchers, with tasks like summarizing, creating original content, and responding to queries.

Features of Perplexity AI

Perplexity.AI is a conversational search engine that uses natural language queries. It offers API access for integration, personalized recommendations based on interests and previous searches, and advanced search filters for more targeted results.

Content Generation


This is the best tool for content generation because you don't need to create an account, just enter the query and get results and helpful links to get a deep understanding. It uses natural language processing and machine learning to create insightful content by analyzing text data from various sources.

Accurate Information

This platform provides quick and accurate results quickly. It offers features like fact-checking, summarization, and creative writing, ensuring accuracy and generating various text formats. It utilizes extensive text and code datasets to train large language models.

SEO Content Creation


It is a popular and exciting new tool for creating SEO-optimized content, focusing on extracting low-competition LSI keywords from high-ranking articles, integrating them through natural language generation, analyzing output for high keyword density, rewriting sections, and adding FAQs to boost engagement.

Mobile App

It is available on the web and Android apps. Perplexity is available on Android and iOS devices. Its Android app has 1 million+ downloads and a rating of 4.7 based on 49.2K reviews.

Long-form Articles

This platform generates long-form articles of up to 3000+ words. It is ideal for informational queries. It creates separate 1000-word sections. These sections can be combined into a cohesive piece, requiring editing for smooth transitions.

Chrome Extension

perplexity ai chrome extension

Its AI Chrome extension enhances the browsing experience by summarizing active pages and allowing users to ask questions using its toolbar.

How to Use Perplexity?

Perplexity AI

  • Visit their website:
  • You can also access it through their mobile app, which is available on both iOS and Android.
  • Simply type your question or phrase in the search bar. 
  • It will process your query and present you with a direct answer.
  • It also provides Sources and Related Questions.

This platform learns from your interactions, so the more you use it, the more personalized and relevant its responses will become.

Chat gpt vs Perplexity

ChatGPT and Perplexity are large language models (LLMs) capable of generating human-quality text responding to various prompts and questions.

  • ChatGPT is particularly good at creating innovative text formats such as emails, letters, scripts, poems, and code. It can also answer your questions informatively, but its strength lies in its creative capabilities.
  • Perplexity works more like a chatbot interface on a search engine. It provides comprehensive and informative responses to your queries by combining GPT-3 with internet access. While it can also produce various creative text formats, accurate and current information is its main priority.

Perplexity Pricing

Perplexity AI offers a free version with limited capabilities, while the Pro plan costs $20/month unlocks GPT-4 integration, unlimited file uploads, and 300 daily searches.

Perplexity offers two pricing options for different usage needs:

Free Plan:

  • Access to basic features like summarization, question answering, and code completion.
  • Limited API calls and output tokens.
  • It is good for initial exploration and limited personal use.

Perplexity Pro:

$20 per month subscription.

  • Suitable for professionals, creators, and developers who need more advanced features.
  • Unlimited Copilot interactions for code editing and assistance.
  • Upgraded GPT-3 models for higher accuracy and performance.
  • Unlimited file upload.
  • API access for integration with other applications.

Perplexity AI Reviews

On Producthunt, Perplexity was rated 4.79 out of 5 based on 29 reviews from actual users. In a recent review, the user said that I hoped I could give more stars than 5. It's an absolutely genius app. On the Andriod app, a Perplexity rating is 4.7 based on 49.2K reviews. It also has received a 4.5 out of 5-star rating on G2.


Perplexity is a free AI app that provides accurate, up-to-date answers. It syncs across devices and uses guided AI searches for deeper exploration. This app offers instant, up-to-date answers, thread follow-up cited sources, and a library for discovering new things.

Is Perplexity AI accurate?

Yes, the Perplexity accuracy is good.

Is Perplexity AI better than ChatGPT?

No, No, but it’s 100% free and provides quick results.

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