Top 7 AI Code Generators To Help Programmers in 2024

If you are looking for AI Code Generators to generate code quickly in a few seconds, this article is perfect for you because we will share the Top 7 AI Code Generators To Help Programmers from beginning to advanced.

AI code generators are valuable software development tools, but they should be seen as assistants to human engineers who provide direction and intelligence. They help engineers write code more swiftly and precisely. 

Top 7 AI Code Generators To Help Programmers in 2024

We will share the list of free and paid AI Code Generators To Help Programmers.

  1. ZZZ Code AI
  2. AskCodi
  3. Codeium 
  4. Replit GhostWriter
  5. GitHub Copilot
  6. OpenAI Codex
  7. Tabnine AI

1. ZZZ Code AI


It is a free AI-based tool to help with the coding process across languages such as Python, C#, C++, CSS, Excel Formula, HTML, and Java. It is a coding assistant for answering questions, generating, explaining, refactoring code, and more.

It is a great tool for programmers of all ability levels. It also helps users customize the code it generates to meet their needs. This tool allows users to ask any natural language question about coding and get responses in the spoken language of their choice.


  • It is an AI tool that converts your normal language text into code.
  • It enables users to translate code between different programming languages.
  • It provides code suggestions for enhancements to improve readability and efficiency.
  • It is easy to use and navigate for both novice and seasoned programmers.

Access The Tool: ZZZ Code AI

2. AskCodi


It is a code assistant for developers to streamline their development process. It is the best tool for developers, engineers, and programmers to optimize coding efficiency and accuracy.

It allows users to ask questions in natural language and AskCodi will automatically generate the code necessary for the task. It also creates automated tests for its code to ensure it works correctly and catches bugs before end users encounter them.

It aims to enhance productivity and efficiency for programmers. It offers many features to help users including code generation, autocomplete, chat interface, workbooks, and integrations.


  • It is an AI coding assistant designed to revolutionize coding workflow.
  • Users can use this tool regardless of the language or framework they are using in their project.
  • It is available as an extension for several IDE, including VS Code and PyCharm.
  • It helps users to develop frameworks and saves time on research and programming.

Access The Tool: AskCodi

3. Codeium 

Codeium Free

Codeium is an AI-powered code tool designed to potentially help developers write code faster and safer. It empowers developers with AI-driven code completion and search capabilities. 

Its AI search effortlessly locates files and code snippets aligned with your intent. It supports 70+ programming languages and has integration with 40+ Editors. It predicts and provides relevant code snippets as you type to save time.

It also offers a chatbot that allows you to converse with the AI to clarify coding queries and get instant guidance. It is suitable for companies of various sizes, including small startups and large enterprises.


  • It is an AI Tool for developers looking to enhance their coding efficiency.
  • It provides more relevant and higher-quality code suggestions based on the user’s code.
  • It claims to support over 70 programming languages and 40+ Editors.
  • It suggests accurate code helps minimize coding errors and bugs.
  • It is available for free for developers of all levels.

Access The Tool: Codium

4. Replit GhostWriter

Replit GhostWriter

Replit Ghostwriter is an AI-powered code editor that offers features like code completion, code generation, code refactoring, and code explanation to simplify coding for developers and students.

It allows users to generate code from natural language prompts, suggest code-based enhances coding speed, refactor code quickly, and explain complex code in plain English step-by-step.

It is your best coding companion in the coding world in 16 different programming languages. Users can write code in HTML, CSS, Python, Ruby, JavaScript, TypeScript, C++, Jason, and more languages. 


  • It can help you generate code and explain the code to focus more on productivity.
  • It streamlines coding by automating tasks like code generation, explanation, and optimization.
  • It can also auto-suggest to complete the part of the code.
  • It allows you to use it directly in your IDE and comes with a proactive debugger.
  • It also allows you to get started right away by importing code from GitHub or another Git repository.

Access The Tool: Replit GhostWriter

5. GitHub Copilot

GitHub Copilot

GitHub Copilot is an impressive tool that can significantly enhance a developer’s coding capabilities. It has the ability to predict what you want to write and write it down even before you can think about it.

It supports all programming languages, libraries, and frameworks that are used in public GitHub repositories. It generates code, suggests functions, completes parameters, and even writes comments.


  • It generally provides high-quality code completions.
  • It is easy to use, just install the plugin in your IDE and authenticate using your GitHub login.
  • It is really good at writing utility functions with impressive accuracy.
  • It is designed to make the process of writing unit tests easier and more efficient.

Access The Tool: GitHub Copilot

6. OpenAI Codex

OpenAI Codex

OpenAI Codex is an AI tool that translates natural language into code. It understands the natural language with GPT3, but it’s also been trained on billions of lines of code. It allows users to generate new code, complete existing code, suggest improvements, or translate the code into other programming languages.

It is a game-changer for programmers, coders, and developers. It is designed to speed up the work of professional programmers and help beginners get started coding. It helps developers who use different programming languages better understand each other and work quickly.


  • It can generate working code in over a dozen of programming languages.
  • It has many more capabilities, which developers can explore and build into their own apps.
  • It works great for quickly producing boilerplate and repetitive code patterns.
  • It can be applied in game development, data science, and many other industries. 

Access The Tool: OpenAI Codex

7. Tabnine AI

Tabnine AI

Tabnine is an AI code generation tool that helps developers write code faster while keeping it safe and secure. It is designed to help developers with code generation and personalized AI software tools.

 It helps developers write code faster and more efficiently in their favorite IDE. This tool boosts PyCharm’s productivity with AI-driven code suggestions. It aims to boost developer productivity by automating repetitive coding tasks.

This tool adapts to your coding style and codebase to provide relevant recommendations. It utilizes machine learning models trained on open source code to generate code completions and suggestions.


  • It autogenerates high-quality code, turns plain text into code, and eliminates repetitive tasks.
  • It recommends completions that match your coding style and preferences.
  • It supports the most popular languages, libraries, and IDEs you use.
  • It allows organizations to enforce configuration policies across teams.

Access The Tool: Tabnine AI


I have listed the 7 best AI Code Generators To Help Programmers. You can use these tools to generate code quickly. All Tools are very useful for beginners and experienced users.

Which AI writes the best code?

Tabnine is one of the best and most powerful AI code-generation tools developed by Codota.

Is ChatGPT 4 good for coding?

Yes,  ChatGPT 4 is a good AI tool for coding. You can safely create code in a few seconds in any language.

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