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Talkio AI is an AI Tutor platform that uses ChatGPT to practice speaking and listening skills. It is a valuable tool for language learners, especially those studying for exams. Signing up is free and requires entering credit card details. Users can choose their native language, desired language, and level in that language. They can choose between text conversations or voice conversations for speaking and listening skills. It is a valuable supplement to real one-to-one classes with platforms like Preply.

  • It is a language-learning tool powered by advanced AI.
  • It offers 400 AI tutors to simulate real conversations.
  • It is a supplement to real one-to-one classes.
  • Supports multiple dialects for the most popular languages.
  • Not useful for grammar learning.

Talkio AI is a language training app that uses advanced AI technology to help users improve their oral language skills. It is built with advanced technology (GPT-4) and supports multiple languages, including English, Chinese, French, and others.

It has over 400 AI tutors with unique artificial personalities ready to help users on their language journey. It provides a safe and supportive environment for users to practice speaking confidently.

Talkio AI is trusted by over 500,000 users and is considered an impressive tool for language learning. This app is a great tool for improving fluency.

What is Talkio AI?


This AI Tool is an ultimate language training app that uses AI technology to help you improve your oral language skills.  It offers a safe and supportive environment for practicing speaking using AI tutors.

Talkio AI founded in Denmark utilizes advanced AI technology, such as GPT-4.  It offers a variety of languages, including English, Chinese, French, and others, along with different dialects for each major language.

Users can interact with AI tutors via voice interactions, which aim to simulate natural human conversations and provide an immersive language learning experience. 

It offers different features including voice conversations, pronunciation assessments with word-by-word feedback, instant translation assistance, and multilingual communication capabilities. 

Talkio AI Review

Talkio AI can enhance oral language skills through AI-powered conversation partners. According to a review on Product Hunt, Talkio AI earned a score of 4.33 out of 5 stars.

One user mentioned being pleased with the availability of Talkio AI for practicing Russian since it seems to be one of the few platforms offering support for that specific language.

This tool supports over 40 languages and offers a variety of pricing tiers, starting from $9 per month. Users have praised its ability to help improve speaking and listening skills

When compared to other language learning apps, Talkio AI offers unique features such as AI voice practice and real conversation simulation. However, other language learning apps like italki offer features such as augmented reality, customization, and progress tracking.


  1. Capable of handling multiple customer requests simultaneously.
  2. Its AI system can interact with customers around the clock.
  3. Simulates real conversations to enhance language proficiency.
  4. Allows for personalized use.
  5. Useful on-the-go.
  6. Offers a basic version for those who want to try the tool.


  1. AI may not be capable of conveying human emotions or empathy.
  2. Requires significant time and resources when implementing and training Talkio AI.
  3. Doesn't feature methods to motivate and engage users.
  4. Web-based solutions might limit ease of use for some users.

Talkio AI Use Cases

  • Language learners: Talkio AI is designed to help language learners improve their speaking skills.
  • Test-takers: Talkio AI can help individuals prepare for language proficiency exams by providing instant feedback on language skills.
  • Users seeking to learn different dialects: Talkio AI supports multiple dialects for immersive and authentic conversations.

Talkio AI Pricing

Talkio AI offers a standard plan with a 7-day free trial. Its monthly cost is $15. You will get the following features with an advanced plan:

  • 600,000 spoken characters per month
  • Unlimited pronunciation practice
  • Supports 100+ languages
  • Chat with 400+ unique AI tutors
  • Multilingual conversations
  • All features included

Talkio AI Features

Talkio AI Features

Talkio AI also offers a comprehensive pronunciation practice tool that allows users to practice their articulation and receive word-by-word feedback on their accuracy.

  1. Voice Conversations: Have engaging voice conversations with AI tutors.
  2. Pronunciation: Assess and practice your pronunciation with word-by-word feedback.
  3. Feedback: Get instant feedback on your language skills and tips on how to improve.
  4. Multiple Languages: Choose between 134 languages and accents to practice your speaking skills.
  5. Topics: Choose from a wide range of topics to discuss with AI tutors.
  6. Wordbook: Save and revisit words learned during training.
  7. Streaks: Keep track of your progress with streaks to build a habit of learning.
  8. Crosstalk: Communicate with the tutor in both your native language and the language you are learning.
  9. Translations: Offers instant translations to support you in your conversations.

Talkio AI Alternatives

  • SpeakAI: Similar conversation practice, but focuses on fluency and accuracy.
  • Kippy: Role-play scenarios for building confidence in specific situations.
  • PolySpeak: Interactive stories and games for casual language learning.


Talkio AI offers voice conversations, pronunciation practice, 134 languages and accents, various topics, instant feedback, and translations to help users improve their speaking skills and enhance their language proficiency.

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