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Shiken AI Review

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Shiken AI offers a wide range of AI-driven educational services designed to enhance learning experiences for individuals, educators, and organizations. Its AI-powered tutoring platform includes features such as an AI study coach which helps users deepen their understanding through interactive sessions, quizzes, and instant explanations. It is an all-in-one learning platform powered by AI that aims to help users learn faster and achieve better results.

  • It offers quizzes, challenges, and progress tracking to make learning interactive.
  •  Learners and teachers can create and share content.
  • It is the best tool for students, educators, content creators, and schools.
  • Offers basic functionalities free for users to try before committing to a paid plan.
  • It is the best app for Businesses and Schools.
  • Not very useful for advanced learners.

Shiken AI is an all-in-one AI learning platform designed to help professionals, creators, and solopreneurs learn faster and achieve success in their careers. It offers live quizzes, courses, roleplay, mindfulness, notes, goals, challenges, and explanations to learn a new language.

This platform offers AI content creation, live audience response, AI roleplay, scenarios, videos, courses, and game-based learning for beginners and advanced learners. It also provides real-time insights using AI to identify meaningful skills gaps and send data to an LMS. Shiken AI tracks progress and provides a one-home for all learning.

Shiken offers a 14-day free trial and 20,000+ learners worldwide. It is an excellent choice for those looking to upskill their people faster than ever.

Shiken AI Review

Shiken AI

Shiken is an AI-powered tutor experience designed for learners, teachers, creators, and coaches. It offers features such as transforming notes into summaries, fixing spelling and grammar, translating into different languages, simplifying complexity, and more.

It can work with various language models like GPT-3.5. It protects user information and emphasizes transparency in security practices.

It offers learning tools such as study schedules, productivity planners, Notion templates, quizzes, courses, analytics, and game-based learning solutions for different user groups like learners, schools, creators, and workplaces.


  1. Offers gamification elements to increase user engagement and motivation.
  2. Includes a note-taking tool for organized learning and revision.
  3. It has over 45,000 questions covering various subjects and difficulty levels.
  4. Allows users to create their own study sets and quizzes.
  5. Tracks progress and helps users set achievable goals.
  6. Offers video courses for comprehensive learning.
  7. Free alternative to platforms like Kahoot and Quizlet.


  1. Requires internet connection for optimal functionality.
  2. Not suitable for those unfamiliar with digital learning methods.

Overall, Shiken AI offers a comprehensive platform with advanced features that can help learners succeed in their studies, but it may not be as effective for professional learning or more complex topics.

Shiken AI Features

  • AI Chat (Lemon): Shiken Chat is an AI-driven tutor experience that helps learners, teachers, creators, and coaches by offering personalized assistance, answering study prompts, and guiding users through their learning journey.
  • Wellbeing: To relax mental health during learning, Shiken incorporates guided mindfulness exercises and Pomodoro breaks to maintain focus and reduce stress.
  • Notes: It enables users to create smart notes, fix spelling and grammar errors, translate text, simplify complexity, and organize information within a single platform.
  • Quizzes: With over 40,000 expert-verified question sets available, Shiken AI empowers users to practice and assess their knowledge through quizzes, exams, and courses.
  • Courses: Users can enroll in a wide array of courses covering various subjects, and they can even create their courses to share with others.
  • Analytics: Shiken AI helps users identify areas requiring improvement and monitor their progress toward achieving their educational goals.
  • Game-Based Learning: Interactive games and challenges encourage engagement and foster a sense of competition among users, making learning enjoyable and memorable.

Shiken AI For Learner

Shiken AI is a tool designed to help learners learn faster, work smarter, and perform better. Users can also meet their AI coach through a chat, receive personalized coaching, and participate in webinars. It also offers a content library of over 50,000 quiz games and courses to create flashcards, notes, and quiz questions.

It is also suitable for professionals looking to expand their skill sets or stay updated with industry trends and can benefit from its extensive library of courses, quizzes, and AI-assisted note-taking functionalities. It also allows learners to customize their learning experiences according to their unique requirements.

Shiken For Creators

shiken-ai for creator

It is the best learning tool that helps creators engage their audience and turn their knowledge into income. It offers courses, quizzes, and coaching and allows creators to create engaging learning experiences.

Shiken also offers live and async gamified learning experiences to increase engagement and user retention. It also provides built-in CRM, Stripe payment collection, and analytics for informed business decisions.

Creators can also sell online courses, bundles, and memberships, upsell and cross-sell with coupons, and connect their marketing suite to grow their online business. Additionally, they can integrate with Zapier to increase sales.

Shiken for Schools

Shiken for Schools

It is a free educational tool that allows teachers to create learning games, tests, exams, or courses for students. It offers a wide range of topics and question types and allows teachers to engage students remotely and manage their progress in the LMS.

Teachers can create a learning game in minutes, create quizzes from scratch, use a question set, or mix and match existing questions. Teachers can track their students' progress, identify weaknesses, and provide explanations to support their learning.

This tool also helps teachers stay motivated and happy by integrating mindful practice and sending daily motivational quotes. Teachers can use the content library of over 50,000 quiz games and courses to save time.

Shiken for Schools is available for free. Teachers can sign up for a school account, create learning resources, set exams, and access free student resources.

Shiken For Work

Shiken For Work is available for teams and organizations. It offers online learning, live quizzes, courses, leaderboards, points, powerups, and remote-friendly content viewing. Participants can learn anytime and anywhere.

It offers quizzes assigned before deadlines and shared via Zoom, Slack, email, or LMS. It has learner analytics for instant identification of problem areas and saves reports for future use. It also allows users to learn together, import learners or invite them via a magic link, and upskill their people.

Shiken AI Pricing

Shiken AI learners' plan annual cost is £99.99 and the lifetime plan cost is £499.99. Its creator's plans cost range from £39/month to £99/month and offer features like creating and selling courses, advanced analytics, and AI-powered content creation.

Shiken AI Alternatives

  • Study Smarter: Study Smarter is an application designed to help learners study more effectively.
  • SnapRevise: SnapRevise is another learning platform that focuses on providing condensed, visually appealing content for GCSE and A Level students.


Shiken AI is described as an all-in-one learning application that incorporates artificial intelligence, quizzes, mindfulness, and game design elements to enhance learner engagement and information retention. Users praise Shiken for its ability to help them perform better in various fields, including medical studies, and appreciate its personalization capabilities, which analyze individual learning styles, strengths, and weaknesses to deliver tailored content.

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