Hack Reactor vs App Academy: Which One Is Right For You?

Hack Reactor and App Academy are both reputable coding bootcamps. Hack Reactor’s tuition is $19,480, while App Academy’s is $17,000 – $36,000. App Academy offers a job guarantee, which Hack Reactor does not. Both schools provide career services such as job placement assistance, resume writing, and interview practice. Hack Reactor currently offers only full-time courses but has part-time versions in development, while App Academy offers full-time, part-time, and self-paced options. Both bootcamps claim to require zero programming experience.

You may be asking yourself, What is the success rate of a hack reactor? What are alternatives to Hack Reactor? How hard is it to get into a hack reactor? Is App Academy safe? How long is App Academy full-time? Who owns App Academy?

In this article, we compare both platforms and ultimately declare a winner. Now check the comparison table Betwean Hack Reactor and App Academy.

Hack Reactor vs App Academy

Hack Reactor and App Academy are popular coding boot camps in the US. Both programs offer a curriculum covering JavaScript, React, Node.js, Express, PostgreSQL, and Ruby on Rails. Admissions to both programs require a coding aptitude test and an interview.

Hack Reactor is ideal for those looking for a short, intense program teaching JavaScript web development, while App Academy is a longer, more comprehensive program that covers multiple programming languages and frameworks.

FeatureHack ReactorApp Academy
Length12 weeks16-24 weeks
Cost$17,980$24,900 (full-time), $19,900 (part-time)
CurriculumJavaScript, React, Node.js, Express, PostgreSQLJavaScript, Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, React
AdmissionsRequires coding aptitude testRequires coding aptitude test and interview
Job placement98% of graduates placed within 6 months99% of graduates placed within 180 days

Overview of Hack Reactor

Hack Reactor Logo

Hack Reactor was founded in 2002 by Shawn Drost, Marcus Phillips, Anthony Phillips, and Douglas Calhoun. It is a software engineering coding Boot Camp for those aspiring to build their tech industry careers.

This platform offers live online classes, a challenging curriculum, top instructors, and experienced career advisors. Hack Reactor is also available for military personnel, providing technical training for veterans, transitioning, and active duty service members. It also provides comprehensive support throughout the learning process.

You will love Hack Reactor due to its features

  • No coding experience is necessary.
  • 100% online with live instruction.
  • 1:1 career coaching.
  • Full-stack curriculum with in-demand programming language.

If you are interested in this platform, visit Hack Reactor.

Overview of App Academy

App Academy logo

App Academy was founded in 2012 by Kush Patel. It has over 5,000 alumni and 51-200 employees. With over 750k monthly visitors, it offers Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, Software Engineering, Web Development, and Python training.

It also provides corporate training in programming languages, database languages, frameworks, and libraries with good practices. App Academy is an ideal source of learning for software engineers, offering both on-campus and online boot camps related to software engineering.

You will love App Academy for its:

  • Content Quality
  • Live classes
  • Career Services
  • Government Funding
  • Financing Options
  • Top instructors and experts

If you are interested in this platform, visit App Academy.

Hack Reactor vs App Academy Similarities

  • Both platforms have good content quality because many graduates of these platforms get jobs in big companies like Google and Facebook.
  • Hack Reactor and App Academy offer a coding Bootcamp related to software engineering for beginners, intermediate, and advanced learners.
  • Hack Reactor and App Academy offer career services and job placement support to help graduates find employment in the tech industry.
  • Both platforms offer certificates after completion of Bootcamp, which are valuable for resume and job gains.

Hack Reactor vs App Academy Differences

App Academy offers 2 Full-time Campus-based Programs, one in New York and the other in San Francisco, while Hack Reactor does not.

Hack Reactor is available for the Military, while App Academy is not available for the Military.

App Academy offers free access to the 24-week Online Software Engineering Program curriculum, while Hack Reactor does not provide any free access.

App Academy is approved by the California Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education and Licensed by the New York State Education Department, while any institute does not approve Hack Reactor.

Hack Reactor vs App Academy Bootcamp

App Academy offers 3 Bootcamp related to software engineering full-time and Part-time. You can easily upgrade your software engineering skills with the help of these Bootcamp. It offers Live Online Info Sessions and Schedule calls for those who have any issues or problems. Its cost starts from $500 – $22,000. 

Hack Reactor offers Beginner Coding Bootcamps and Intermediate Coding Bootcamps related to software engineering. In the Bootcamp, You will get Job Search Support, a GitHub Project Portfolio, Mock Interviews, and 1:1 Coaching. You can pay in full, half upfront, or use other financing options, including the ability to pay after you’re employed.

Hack Reactor vs App Academy Corporate Training

Hack Reactor helped companies train teams and hire boot camp graduates to transform the tech sector and create better outcomes for all. You can easily transform your organization with Hack Reactor corporate digital training. Its curriculum enables you to upskill and reskill your internal teams.

App Academy is also suitable for business. This program fee once your employees can demonstrate the skills you hired us to teach. It also offers hands-on projects and pair programming to improve your employees’ skills.

Hack Reactor vs. App Academy Cost

Hack Reactor coding Bootcamp tuition cost is $17980. After August 2023, its costs will increase to $19480. You can pay the full tuition upfront on the first day of class Or pay half tuition first, then pay the remaining balance at the midpoint.

App Academy Upfornt plan costs range from $14,000 to $17,000. It also offers Climb Credit financing features. Its Climb Credit is a preferred loan partner that can help you finance your Upfront tuition in monthly payments. For Example Campus-based, Full-Time Coding Bootcamp Tuition Plan costs $17,000.

Hack Reactor vs. App Academy Certificate

Hack Reactor Certificate

Hack Reactor Certificate

Hack Reactor offers a Certificate after completion of Bootcamp. Learners can easily download and share the certificate When they complete the live tutorials, projects, and exercises.

App Academy Certificate

App Academy Certificate

This platform offers certificates after completion of Bootcamp. Its certificate is very suitable for portfolio, resume, and job gains. You can easily get a job as a software developer after completing all content.

Both platforms do not offer accredited certificates because they have no partnership with any university or institute.

Hack Reactor vs App Academy Career services

Hack Reactor offers Career coaching services from experts who will help you build a resume, prepare for interviews, and negotiate job offers. Experienced Instructors teach all Bootcamp who are excited to guide you.

App Academy Support team

In support, You will get access to 1:1 mentors, coaches, and pairing you with classmates to problem-solve as a team.

  • Module Instructor: All modules are taught by an expert engineer in those topics. They lead lectures and Q&A.
  • Teaching Assistant: Top graduates give you daily support. It includes Q&A via Slack, utilizing Progress Tracker, and office hours.
  • Career Advisor: It is an experienced advisor who will meet with you throughout the program and job search. 

Hack Reactor vs App Academy Pro and Cons

Hack Reactor has many pros and cons.


  • It offers 2 Coding Bootcamp.
  • It also offers 1:1 career coaching.
  • Offers a free Prep course
  • It offers live online classes to all learners.
  • Experienced Instructors teach all Bootcamp.
  • Offers free Online live Info sessions.


  • No Job Guarantee.
  • No Accredited Platform.

App Academy has many pros and Cons.


  • It offers 3 BootCamp.
  • Best for learning Software Engineering.
  • App Academy Open is available for free.
  • Get 2 Online and Campus-based Bootcamp.
  • It also offers Climb Credit financing.
  • Earn a certificate at the end.


  • The price is high.
  • Covers limited topics.

Hack Reactor and App Academy Alternative

There are many alternatives to this platform. Flatiron School, Hyperiondev, and General Assembly are the best alternatives to Hack Reactor and App Academy.

Flatiron School

flatiron school logo

Flatiron School is the best online source of learning for those who want to build their career in the tech industry.  All content is provided by experts who have good experience in the relevant fields. Its graduate receives a Career Coach for up to 180 days after graduation. Learn More About Flatiron School Review.


hyperiondev logo

Hyperiondev is the perfect platform for those who want to build their career in the tech industry because it offers a coding Bootcamp related to Web developers, Software engineers, and Data Scientists. 6-12 months are required to complete the Bootcamp. Learn More Hyperiondev Review.

General Assembly

General Assembly logo

General Assembly is the perfect platform for those who want to develop their career in the tech industry. It is available online and on campus. Its campuses are available in London, Manama, New York City, Paris, Singapore, and Sydney. Learn More General Assembly Review.

Conclusion: Hack Reactor vs. App Academy

Hack Reactor and App Academy are two popular coding boot camps that offer various programs for web development, engineering immersion, and Full Stack Development. Both programs have advantages and disadvantages, with Hack Reactor being a more selective option with an average acceptance rate of three percent.

App Academy offers online, full-time, part-time, and part-time programs, while Hack Reactor offers a full-time, 12-week program starting with an 80-hour prep program. Both programs require an initial deposit, but Hack Reactor offers a broader range of subjects.

In terms of placement rates, App Academy has a higher placement rate and higher salary potential, making it a stronger program. However, it requires higher tuition for admission.

Regarding student feedback, both apps and Hack Reactor have been praised for their quality and flexibility in their programs. However the application process may seem intimidating, but the overall experience and reputation of the boot camps make them worth considering.


What is the success rate of a hack reactor?

The Hack Reactor success rate is 98% placement within 6 months.

What are alternatives to hackreactor?

There are many alternatives to this platform. Flatiron School, Hyperiondev, and General Assembly are the best alternative to Hack Reactor.

Who owns App Academy?

App Academy was founded in 2012 by Kush Patel.

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