Best App to Learn Geography In 2024 (Top 9)

If you want to learn Geography and want an app to develop foundational skills, this article is perfect for you. Many apps offer geography education for students to study unconventionally without textbooks or strenuous lessons.

There are many ways to gain knowledge of geography, but online apps are the best way to start because you can access the latest information anytime, anywhere.

Best App to Learn Geography In 2024 (Top 9)

Check the list of Best Apps to Learn Geography…

  1. Geography of the World: Offers in-depth exploration of Earth’s landscapes, continents, and features.
  2. StudyGe: Test your knowledge with a challenging world geography quiz.
  3. GeoGuessr: Become a location detective and guess where you are in the world based on photos.
  4. World Map Challenge: Identify countries and flags to push your geographical boundaries.
  5. World Geography Quiz Game: Offers fun and educational quizzes to learn about the world.
  6. Geo Touch: Provide interactive learning experience, bringing geography to life.
  7. Learn World Geography: Embark on a journey of discovery through the world’s diverse regions.
  8. World Quiz: Sharpen your geographical skills with a variety of questions.
  9. Geo Flags Academy: Learn flags and countries in a dedicated learning environment.

1. Geography of the World

Geography of the World

It is a popular choice for both learning and reference when it comes to world geography. It covers official names, flags, capitals, ISO codes, political status, location on the continent with mini-maps, area, border lengths, highest and lowest points, population, GDP, trade balance, unemployment rate, and much more.

t also offers location information, official languages, currency, major religions, urbanization, neighboring countries, nearby countries, and administered territories.

Users can search by names, capitals, highest peaks, and ISO codes, sort and compare countries by area, population, or GDP, and play flag quizzes. It is also fully accessible using VoiceOver.


  • It offers 9 quiz games testing your knowledge of flags, capitals, locations, etc.
  • Use the app without an internet connection, making it perfect for travel or studying.
  • The free version provides a good starting point, while the in-app purchases offer further depth for those who want to delve deeper.

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2. StudyGe – World Geography Quiz


It is a fantastic option for those wanting to learn or refine their geographical knowledge in a fun and engaging way. You can test your knowledge with various quiz formats, including multiple-choice, true or false, and map challenges. These quizzes cover various topics, from country capitals and flags to physical features and cultural landmarks.

It suits children and adults, helping them develop useful skills and improve school performance. Players can compete in geography knowledge and receive achievements for correct answers.

It offers a world map with 214 countries, flags, and detailed information about the country, such as language, population, currency, and government form.


  • Enhance your learning with detailed explanations for each question.
  • Earn achievements and unlock rewards for your progress.
  • Choose the difficulty level of quizzes, personalize your learning experience, and track your progress over time.

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3. GeoGuessr


It is a geography game app that takes you on a virtual journey worldwide, challenging you to pinpoint your location based on Street View panoramas.

This game offers multiple modes to test geographical skills, including classic guessing on a world map, real-time battle royale, streak, country streaks, and custom locations.

You can share your guesses and strategies with other players, climb the leaderboards, and participate in community-created challenges.


  • Learn about countries, regions, and cultures through real-world visuals and user interactions.
  • You can test your geographical knowledge and challenge yourself.
  • Explore new cultures, landmarks, and landscapes through immersive Street View imagery.

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4. World Map Challenge – Geography

World Map Challenge

It is an interactive map game that allows players to learn the locations of nearly 200 countries worldwide. It is another excellent option for learning and improving your geographic knowledge in a fun and challenging way.

It offers different quiz formats like time trials, continental challenges, and head-to-head competitions to keep things exciting.

You can start with easier tasks and gradually progress to more challenging quizzes as you master your geographic knowledge.


  • Get immediate feedback on your answers and learn interesting facts about the locations you encounter.
  • Test your location identification skills by pinpointing countries, cities, and other landmarks on a world map.
  • The game is available for free and includes a Europe Challenge mode, South America Time Trial, and Europe Multiplayer mode.

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5. World Geography – Quiz Game

World Geography

World Geography is a quiz game that offers 6000 questions with 4 difficulties, over 2000 images, and 500 different countries, regions, and islands.

It offers 26 topics: capital cities, flags, population, religion, emblems, language, currency, and more. Players can train their weaknesses after each game and access worldwide rankings.

This game also includes an encyclopedia and provides information on GDP, median age, life expectancy, religion, population density, agri-land, school life expectancy, fertility, and country motto.


  • Users will learn geography in an easy and fun way by competing with players from all over the world.
  • Train your weaknesses after every game.
  • This app will help you to learn everything about countries.

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6. Geo Touch: Learn Geography

Geo Touch

This app offers puzzle-style geography learning with maps, landmarks, flags, and more. It boosts test scores and is not just for kids. This app helps users understand the shape and location of US states and countries in the Americas, Europe, Asia, and Africa. Additional content is coming soon.

You can practice what you’ve learned or test your knowledge in different learning and quiz modes. It explores specific areas in detail or see the bigger picture, adjusting to your preferred view.

You can use the app anytime, anywhere, without an internet connection. It offers puzzle-style gameplay to learn about countries or states and their correct placements on a map, making learning engaging and interactive.


  • You can switch between Learning and Practice modes to build geographic memory.
  • Learn in bite-sized chunks, progressing steadily through manageable groups of countries or regions.
  • Access all maps and features with a one-time purchase, eliminating in-app purchases.

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7. Learn World Geography 

Learn World Geography 

Brainscape is a program designed to help users learn world maps and capitals faster using cognitive science techniques. It uses a scientifically optimized algorithm to repeat flashcards in the right pattern for maximum brain absorption, ensuring efficient study time.

This program offers over 1,000 flashcards, a customized repetition algorithm, convenient search and browse functions, and ongoing feedback, statistics, and visualization tools.

It comprises former executives from The Princeton Review and Kaplan and cognitive scientists from Columbia and Yale. Its team aims to make learning easier and more convenient.


  • It offers 1,000+ flashcards to drill you on maps, flags, and capitals.
  • It offers a customized flashcard repetition algorithm for your memorization.
  • Its mission is to make learning easier and more convenient. 

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8. World Quiz: Learn Geography

World Quiz

This game-based app offers a fun and educational way to test your knowledge about countries, US states, capitals, flags, and maps. It offers multiple levels and achievements, with three game types:

ABCD Quiz, Write Quiz, and Write Race. This game engine selects appropriate questions for fast learning and fun. It allows players to compare their knowledge of the world’s countries.

Quiz games allow players to identify the flag of a country and select the correct answer from multiple options. Additionally, compare games allow players to compare countries’ surface areas and populations.


  • It offers a variety of quiz modes, flags and map challenges, achievements, and more.
  • You will learn about countries, US states, capitals, flags, and maps with many games.
  • Users can test their knowledge and learn in many beautiful, colorful games.

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9. Geo Flags Academy

Geo Flags Academy

This app provides an exciting way to test your knowledge of flags and capitals. It provides a guide related to 196 flags and capitals, and players can compete with friends to break flag scores.

For every flag you guess, you get closer to earning a medal. This game has an addictive layout, HD-quality 3D graphics, and a clean interface.

It is also an educational app for kids. It helps preschoolers learn new country names. This game has ZERO ads, three different modes, and a timed mode for hardcore players.


  • Its quizzes are a great learning resource for kids of all ages.
  • It offers information about 196 flags and capitals.
  • Practice, learn and refresh your memory with its informative quizzes.

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Top Free geography apps

  1. Google Earth: Explore the world with detailed satellite imagery, 3D views, and informative layers.
  2. Geography Quiz Game: Test and enhance your geographical knowledge through interactive quizzes and challenges.
  3. Maps me: Offline maps with detailed information, allowing users to navigate and explore regions without internet connectivity.
  4. World Geography: Offers quizzes, flashcards, and facts to help users learn about countries, capitals, and landmarks.
  5. Geo Challenge: A game-based app that quizzes users on flags, capitals, and geographical locations to improve knowledge in a fun way.


I have shared the 9 apps to gain the best Geography knowledge. Some apps are free to gain basic knowledge and some offer paid options to learn all about world geography quickly.


Which app is best for learning geography?

One highly recommended app for learning geography is “Geography Quiz Game” by Atom Games Ent. This app offers interactive quizzes, maps, and challenges that help users engage and improve their geographical knowledge.

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