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Zaplingo is an AI-powered English tutor who helps users overcome their shyness of speaking in English. It can help you practice speaking skills, improve grammar, and overcome shyness in a low-pressure support environment. It offers interactive learning via audio messaging and grammar explanations to boost the confidence of the users.

  • 24/7 AI-powered English tutor on WhatsApp.
  • Offers audio messages for pronunciation practice and feedback.
  • Offers real-life conversation practice and clear grammar explanations.
  • It overcomes shyness in a low-pressure environment.
  • It is always available to chat and is free to use.
  • Not very useful for beginners.
  • Available for Limited Languages.

Zaplingo Talk is an interactive language-learning app that allows users to learn a new language by talking with AI tutors. This app offers real conversations, and is available anytime, anywhere.

It has multiple AI personalities for different learning styles. It also allows users to practice multiple languages, including English, Spanish, French, and Italian. It has beautiful images and a stress-free environment for making mistakes.

What is Zaplingo Talk?

Zaplingo Talk

Zaplingo Talk is a language learning app that offers a streamlined and effective method to learn a new language. It simplifies the learning journey by integrating directly with AI tutors.

It focuses on improving English pronunciation and promoting effective communication. Zaplingo Talk provides instant feedback from AI tutors to enhance the learning experience.

Users can learn English with AI tutors anytime, anywhere. It is available in different languages including English from the UK, Spanish from Spain, Spanish from Latin America, Portuguese from Brazil, French, and Italian.

Zaplingo Review

Zaplingo is an AI-powered language learning platform that allows users to learn languages like English, Spanish, French, and Italian by speaking with AI tutors. It also offers a free AI-powered English tutor on WhatsApp

It offers real-time conversations with AI tutors to practice speaking and improve their fluency and confidence in a stress-free environment. It is available as an app on both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

This platform uses advanced AI technology to provide personalized and easy-to-follow language lessons and offers instant feedback. It also uses advanced AI technology, including GPT-4


  1. Offers real-time conversation practice with AI tutors.
  2. Instant feedback on pronunciation, grammar, and other aspects of language usage.
  3. Availability of free version with limited features.
  4. Compatible with various channels, including apps and integrations.
  5. Provides offline access to lessons, exercises, and study materials.
  6. Engaging and interactive learning resources.
  7. It has a language community for practice and exchange.
  8. Utilizes advanced AI technologies like GPT-4.

Zaplingo Cons

  1. Limited availability of certain features within the free version.
  2. Available For Limited languages.
  3. Limited support options compared to some competitors.

Zaplingo Features

Zaplingo Features

Some of its key Features include personalized learning with AI tutors, real-time conversation practice, instant feedback on pronunciation and grammar, availability of a free version, and compatibility with various devices and channels.

  • Audio Messages: Users can improve their pronunciation skills with audio messages and receive instant feedback.
  • Conversation Practice: Engage in real-life conversations to build confidence and improve speaking skills.
  • Grammar Explanation: Get clear and concise explanations of grammar rules to understand and apply them in conversations.
  • Always Available: Improve English at your own pace, anytime, as Zaplingo is always available to chat with users.
  • Lose the Shyness: Overcome the shyness of speaking in a low-pressure and supportive environment.
  • Talk in Your Language: Users can ask in their native language if they are unsure how to say something, for a more comfortable and confident learning experience.

Zaplingo Use Cases

  • Learning English for daily conversations
  • Preparing for an English exam
  • Developing English speaking skills for job interviews
  • Improving English pronunciation
  • Mastering grammar rules

How much does zaplingo cost?

Zaplingo offers two pricing tiers for its services:

  1. Free Plan: Includes basic features for learning English, limited messages, no voice messages, generic exercises, and grammar review.
  2. Premium (Unlimited) Plan: Offers unlimited messages, voice messages, personal exercises, grammar reviews, and improved pronunciation feedback. The price for this plan is either $9.90 per month or $79 per year.

Zaplingo Alternatives

  1. Lingobo: Covers conversation practice, writing, listening, and progress tracking.
  2. Gliglish: Helps improve pronunciation, learn a new language, and build confidence in speaking situations.
  3. Talkio AI: Focuses on immersive and authentic conversations in multiple languages.
  4. Speak: Offers conversational practice and instant feedback.

Can you learn English with AI on Telegram or WhatsApp?

Yes, it is possible to learn English with AI on Telegram or WhatsApp. Zaplingo is a free AI-powered English tutor available on WhatsApp and Telegram that offers audio messaging, real-life conversation practice, and clear grammar explanations.

How to use Zaplingo?

To use Zaplingo, you can engage in real conversations with AI tutors on Telegram or WhatsApp to practice and improve your English skills. 

Is Zaplingo free?

Yes, Zaplingo is free to use. It offers basic features for learning English at no cost, including limited messages, generic exercises, and no voice messages. 

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