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TypeDojo is a website for kids and adults to improve their typing skills. It offers a free online speed typing test, typing lessons for all levels, interactive games, goal setting, teacher tracking, grading, and a certificate of completion. Its games are very helpful for kids to learn touch typing for free. It offers four levels of lessons for different skill levels. Users can take typing tests of one, three, or five minutes, choosing the test button and difficulty level.

  • Free and no account needed
  • KidSafe Certified
  • Provides free professional certificate
  • Offers Interactive typing games.
  • Allows teachers to track and grade students
  • Ads can be distracting
  • No offline Access.

If you want to improve your Touch Typing skills for free online, Typing Dojo is the best platform to start because it offers Touch Typing Lessons & Tests to improve the spread of users and help users get certificates with higher marks.

TypeDojo is a comprehensive typing practice program designed to help users improve their skills quickly and efficiently. It offers interactive lessons, typing games, and practice tests to help users to boost speed.

This is the best typing program where kids of all ages can gain typing practice and complete typing speed tests. It will teach you from the start how to boost your typing speed from beginner to pro level. After learning the strategy, You can type on a keyboard without constantly looking down to verify the letters and keys you’re using.

Typing Dojo Review

TypeDojo offers a convenient and easy way to learn typing. It provides extensive typing lessons for work, school, and personal life, aiming to improve typing skills quickly. This platform is 100% free, and clients don't need to register an account to begin typing.

It offers lessons, games, and practice tests to help users. Each lesson is designed by keyboard experts and professional typists for all levels of users beginners, intermediate, and advanced typists. It is a free and simple account with no account needed.

Users can improve their typing speed and accuracy through lessons, typing tests, and fun games like Car Rider, Cute Jumper, and Type Rocket. TypeDojo is recommended for homeschooling and general typing practice.


  1. A comprehensive approach to learning keyboarding.
  2. Free and no account needed.
  3. Variety of typing lessons and drills for different skill levels.
  4. It has the ability for students to track progress and earn Certificates of Achievement.
  5. KidSafe Certified and offers free professional certificates upon completion of speed tests.


  • The presence of ads is distracting for users.
  • Not available offline.

Overall, TypeDojo is the best platform because it offers free typing games, lessons for kids, challenging typing tests, and certification opportunities to improve touch typing skills.

Typing Dojo Features

TypeDojo is a comprehensive typing practice program that offers typing lessons, typing tests, WPM tests, and typing games. Users can access basic, beginner, intermediate, and advanced typing practice lessons and take one-, three-, or five-minute typing tests. It is designed for all ages and has a user-friendly interface to improve typing skills quickly.

Typing Lessons

This platform offers 4 levels of typing, basic, beginner, intermediate, and advanced. Users can choose the level according to their experience and select the lesson below to improve the typing speed of specific keywords.


I have selected a lesson for basic and focused on the j and f keywords. It was too easy and I have improved my typing speed of j, space, and f keywords in a few minutes.

The beginner-level lesson provides lessons related to  Home Row Keys, Top Row Keys,  Bottom Row Keys, Shift - Home Row Keys,  Shift - Bottom Row Keys,  Shift - Top Row Keys,  Symbols - keys, Numbers - keys, and more.

I have selected the Home Row Keys lesson and clicked on the start. After that, he asked me to select the Individual Section to master the keys.


I selected the A keys and started typing. It has provided me a list of keywords related to a with different keywords. Playing the lesson is very engaging because when you enter a wrong word it will produce a voice and make the color red of the key.


I have also explored its all lessons. According to my experience, its lessons are very helpful to gain the typing speed quickly.

English Typing Test 

Its English typing test offers a free professional certificate upon completion of the test. It allows users to learn new words and showcase their typing speed and accuracy. To take the test, ensure a comfortable distance from the monitor and a comfortable typing position.

I have selected the one-minute typing speed test to earn a free Professional Certificate. After selecting Grade 1, I have selected the 2 letter words and start typing.

typing result

I have typing without focus, but the result was awesome. Check the above image to check the result of my own speed.

WPM Test

The WPM Test is a 60-second typing speed test for kids to assess their typing speed and accuracy. It measures average WPM, which ranges from 38 to 40 words per minute. Skilled typists typically type more, averaging between 65 and 75 WPM. This test also provides feedback on keystrokes, correct strokes, and wrong strokes. After the test, the child receives a free certificate.

Typing Games For Kids


This platform also provides the opportunity for kids to play games and improve their typing speed. It has a different site for this feature Kidztype. It offers a variety of free typing games to enhance typing speed and efficiency. These games include thrilling activities like mole-whacking, jungle racing, rocket bursting, and racing with cars, bikes, and boats.


I have selected a game space typing junior. After that, I start playing by entering the keyword shown on the screen. It is the best way for kids to improve their typing skills while playing. These games can improve hand-eye coordination, vocabulary, and spelling skills. They also provide motivation and challenges to encourage children to practice and improve their typing speed. These games are suitable for kids of all ages.

Who is TypeDojo For?

TypeDojo is designed for a wide range of users, including children and adults who are looking to improve their typing skills. It offers typing practice lessons and tests suitable for all skill levels. Its Gamified app is suitable for primary and secondary school students. Its web app is suitable for college students and Cognitive Development.

  • For Teachers: TypeDojo is the best tool for teaching students typing, ensuring engagement through interactive games, goal setting, and custom avatar options. It provides real-time grading, tracking, and reporting, allowing students to see their efforts pay off.
  • For Students: TypeDojo simplifies touch typing through engaging lessons, tests, and interactive games. It is the perfect source for beginners, children, and adults that will make learning touch typing enjoyable and rewarding.


TypeDojo is a web-based application that focuses on teaching users how to type with speed and accuracy through a comprehensive set of timed exercises based on groups of keywords like Dolch Words and Sight words. It can be utilized by individuals of any age as a refresher to enhance keyboarding skills effectively.

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