SplashLearn Review: Free SplashLearn Games for Kindergarten to Grade 5

SplashLearn Review

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SplashLearn is an award-winning learning program for PreK-Grade 5 students, designed to make math and ELA practice engaging and easy to follow. It aligns with Common Core and various other educational standards. This app offers fun animations, rich graphics, and charming characters. It is a valuable tool for educators looking to support their students’ learning and development.

  • Fun and engaging games and activities
  • Personalized learning recommendations
  • Aligned with Common Core State Standards
  • Effective
  • Affordable
  • Easy to use
  • A free version is too limited.
  • Games can be repetitive.

SplashLearn is an educational app and program designed for students in Pre-K to Grade 5, focusing on math and ELA practice. It has garnered over 40 million users and is praised for its engaging graphics and animations. Users appreciate its ability to make math more interesting than traditional textbooks.

Teachers find value in SplashLearn for tracking student activity and progress and managing assignments. The platform is recognized for providing formative assessment information to help teachers track their students' learning journey. While it's not recommended for students younger than Pre-K due to requiring certain foundational skills, it is considered a valuable tool to support classroom teaching.

Additionally, SplashLearn has received positive reviews on Capterra, with students enjoying its program for reviewing and previewing skills. Glassdoor reviews suggest it is a good company to work for, with a rating of 4.2 out of 5 based on over 155 anonymous reviews.

In summary, SplashLearn appears to be a popular and engaging educational tool that positively impacts both students and teachers, offering a comprehensive learning experience for math and ELA. It is well-received for its user-friendly interface and its potential to enhance the learning journey.

SplashLearn Review

what is SplashLearn

SplashLearn is a game-based learning platform offering math and reading instruction for preschool to grade 5 children. It offers over 8,000 games, activities, and printable worksheets aligned with the Common Core State Standards. This platform uses game mechanics to make learning fun and engaging, with rewards for completion and competition on leaderboards.

It provides personalized learning recommendations for each child, allowing them to focus on the skills they need the most help with. A study found that SplashLearn students outperformed their peers on standardized math tests by an average of 27%.

This platform is easy to use, affordable, and aligned with the Common Core State Standards, making it an excellent choice for parents and teachers seeking a fun and effective learning experience.

Here are some specific examples of how SplashLearn can be used:

  • Parents can use SplashLearn to help their kids learn math and reading at home
  • Teachers can use SplashLearn to supplement their math and reading instruction in the classroom.
  • Special education teachers can use SplashLearn to provide individualized instruction to students with learning disabilities. 

Overall, SplashLearn is a highly rated and effective learning platform that is used and loved by millions of kids around the world.

Who is SplashLearn For?

SplashLearn is primarily designed for students in pre-kindergarten through 5th grade. This platform strengthens fundamentals to help your child grow into a future-ready learner. It offers 4,000+ math and reading lessons and a Dedicated Parent Connect App.

  • Parents: Parents can use the platform to provide additional practice and reinforce math and reading skills engagingly and interactively.
  • Teachers: Teachers can use SplashLearn as a supplementary tool in the classroom. They can assign specific activities to students that align with the curriculum, provide personalized practice, and track individual progress.
  • Schools and Tutors: SplashLearn can be adopted at a school or district level to enhance math and reading instruction. It is very helpful for instruction to meet the needs of each student.
  • Children: This platform is designed to make learning math and reading fun and interactive. It helps students to build foundational skills and confidence in these subjects.

SplashLearn For Teachers

SplashLearn For Teachers

SplashLearn is a great and free tool for teachers. This platform provides extended and the most engaging learning experience to your students. It is free for teachers, now and forever. It also gives you the best remote and in-class experience.

You will get access for free:

  • Access across grades (PreK-5)
  • Diagnostic tools for personalized learning
  • Detailed actionable reports
  • Multiple device compatibility
  • Site-level dashboards for admins
  • Roster with Google Classroom and Clever Library

It enables complimentary remote access for students to take assignments and math fact practice home. Not only boosts learning but also increases student confidence.


  • You can easily track and analyze class performance to inform and tailor your instruction.
  • It is the right learning tool for your school or class without worrying about approvals or costs.
  • You can easily boost fluency with at-home Math Facts practice.
  • It makes homework fun for students and effortless for Teachers.

SplashLearn For Parents

SplashLearn For Parents

Using SplashLearn, You can start your child on the path to fearless learning. It engages your child in active learning every second. It offers bite-sized lessons to build a routine and save the struggle of daily hunting for content.

It also offers a dedicated parent connect app to help you stay on top of your child’s progress. Over 750,000 teachers and 77,000 schools trust on SplashLearn.

You will get access in a free account:

  • Fun, game-based learning
  • 4,000+ math and reading lessons
  • Dedicated Parent Connect App

Splashlearn for Administrators

Splashlearn for Administrators

This platform is very helpful to transform every student into a fearless learner and empower teachers with a comprehensive teaching tool. Its game-based learning experiences ensure students are motivated to learn.

You will get a dedicated admin dashboard in a single click. It also offers Google Classroom and Clever Library support to enable teachers to get started in minutes.


  • Administrators can track classroom-level progress, create classrooms, and manage students and teachers for the entire school via a single dashboard.
  • Teachers can easily collaborate with parents by sharing automatic assignment notifications and regular progress updates.
  • SplashLearn is designed to deliver superior learning outcomes for both remote and in-person classrooms.

Math Games for Kids

Math Games for Kids

  • Number Sense Games: These games offer numbers and their properties, count, read, write, and compare numbers with fun-filled number games for kids online. It is very helpful to develop a strong number sense.
  • Place Value Games: It offers 10 games for math practice. It motivates students to practice math skills and develop a positive attitude toward the subject. Its games offer opportunities for students to apply their knowledge in practical contexts.
  • Addition Games: It offers fun games that teach grouping, number bonds, addition strategies, and addition facts. It also allows kids to participate and experiment with numbers actively. Its games enhance the critical thinking and problem-solving skills of children.
  • Subtraction Games: It adds fun to learning with interactive online subtraction games for kids. Children can easily master subtraction skills with fun activities. ItsgGames offer instant feedback, reinforcing correct techniques for Subtraction.
  • Fraction Games: Fractions as a concept can be tricky to understand. You will learn fractions in different ways. Its math games combine fraction concepts with visual models for interactive learning.
  • Geometry Games: Users can shape up their math skills with its online Geometry games. You will learn concepts such as lines, angles, shapes, and different 2D and 3D shapes. Kids can see the practical applications of geometry by solving real-life problems.

ELA Games for Kids

ELA Games for Kids

  • Reading Games: Its games help your child to read better and faster with fun, exciting, and engaging online games based on reading skills. It also builds your vocabulary and makes sense of long-form texts and passages.
  • Writing Games: Its writing games help your kids to become budding creators. SplashLearn online games are brilliant learning tools to expand a child’s writing skills.
  • Phonics Games: You will learn how to identify the alphabet. Its games help them subsequently to start reading and recognizing unfamiliar words. Its games also help children to learn and practice phonics.
  • Alphabet Games: You can easily immerse your child in a world of interactive Alphabet games online. Its games enhance dexterity and coordination while keeping the fun alive. It immerses your child in a world of interactive Alphabet games online. 
  • Rhyming Games: Rhyming games help your kids to identify different words to develop an awareness of various sounds and syllables. It also helps children to enhance their phonemic skills.

Splashlearn Features

  • Splashlearn Math: It offers educational math resources for kids from preschool to grade 5. You will learn and practice math in logical reasoning, academic rigor, and mental discipline.
  • Splashlearn ELA: Its ELA educational resources help your child strengthen their linguistic and communication skills holistically. After completing the gamified lesson, Your child will become a better listener, speaker, reader, and writer.
  • Splashlearn Apps: Splashlearn is available for Android and iOS devices. You can also access this platform on Windows.
  • Splashlearn Curriculum: This platform offers thousands of games, playsheets, books, videos, and guided storybooks for early learners.
  • Personalized Learning Paths: Kids are guided through a personalized learning path. This path is created based on their initial assessment and progress as they complete activities. The learning path aims to provide a well-rounded and structured approach to learning.
  • Progress Tracking: Parents and teachers can monitor students' progress through detailed reports and analytics. This feature allows them to understand which concepts students have mastered and where they might need additional help.
  • Offline Activities: SplashLearn provides printable worksheets and offline learning materials that can be used without an internet connection. This makes it versatile for different learning environments.

SplashLearn Cost

It also offers a paid subscription plan for apps. You will also get a 7-day free trial. After the trial, you can choose to subscribe on a monthly or an annual basis.

Monthly Plans - Math: $8 | Reading: $8 | Math and Reading: $12

Yearly Plans - Math: $60 | Reading: $60 | Math and Reading: $90

Splashlearn Alternative

There are many alternatives to this platform.


ABCmouse is an educational platform designed for children aged 2 to 8. It offers a comprehensive curriculum that covers various subjects, including reading, math, science, art, and more. It is known for its interactive and engaging content tailored to young learners' developmental needs.


Prodigy is an online educational platform that offers interactive math learning games for students in grades 1 to 8. This platform combines educational content with gamified elements to engage and motivate students to learn and practice math skills.


Brilliant is a good platform for learning math. It provides interactive lessons, challenging problems, and a supportive community to develop a strong understanding of mathematical concepts. Learn More About Brilliant.

Is Splashlearn worth the price?

Yes, Splashlearn has a good worth of time and money. It offers 4000+ Fun Learning Games. You will learn To Read and write, Practice Math, and Develop Creativity & Social Emotional Skills While Playing With Adorable Characters.

Its games offer a safe space for your child to explore and make mistakes. It is the best tool to boost the confidence to learn anything on their own fearlessly.

SplashLearn Reviews

SplashLearn is highly regarded as a valuable learning tool for both students and teachers. It offers a comprehensive learning experience for students and provides teachers with effective tools to evaluate student progress. Teachers appreciate its ability to track student growth on specific math concepts and assign questions easily, although some mention the need for a customization option. On Glassdoor, SplashLearn has an overall rating of 4.1 out of 5 based on over 155 reviews. On commonsense, SplashLearn has an overall rating of 4.0 out of 5 based on over 26 reviews.

Reddit users have shared positive feedback about SplashLearn, highlighting its effectiveness as a learning tool for students and teachers. They appreciate its ability to track student progress on specific math concepts and the ease of assigning questions, making it a valuable resource for educators.

Final Words: Splashlearn Review

SplashLearn is an award-winning learning program for PreK-Grade 5 students, designed to make math and ELA practice engaging and easy to follow. It aligns with Common Core and various other educational standards. This app offers fun animations, rich graphics, and charming characters.

While it may not be suitable for students younger than pre-K, it is a popular choice for reviewing math concepts and keeping students engaged. SplashLearn hires Native Speakers who have delivered 200+ online classes and 1 year of Common Core training.

Teachers can track student activity and progress/reports in the "Review" dropdown menu on their dashboard. They can also view and print individual student reports by clicking on the Review tab and selecting the "Student Report" option.

SplashLearn has received mixed reviews from teachers and employees. Some have found it difficult to use the app, while others have found it helpful in providing formative assessment information and promoting student engagement. Overall, SplashLearn is a valuable tool for educators looking to support their students' learning and development.


Is SplashLearn free?

SplashLearn is free for teachers, now and forever. It offers 4,000 curriculum-aligned math and reading skills for free in school and all teacher-assigned activities for free at home. 

Is SplashLearn safe?

Yes, SplashLearn is a legitimate EdTech company, founded in 2010. It is available for Android and iOS devices. Its Android app has 500k+ downloads.

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