Top 10 Music Learning Apps (Unlock Your Inner Musician)

If you want to improve your music skills, online music learning apps are the best way to start. Apps are the best ways to learn music because they offer several advantages and make learning more accessible, engaging, and effective. It allows you to learn music anywhere, anytime, if you have a compatible device.

Music apps can visually represent concepts like sheet music, chord charts, and interactive keyboards or fretboards. There are many apps to learn music, each with its features and drawbacks.

These apps offer various learning methods, including chords, scales, intervals, sight reading, and singing notes. Some popular apps for learning music theory include Yousician, Vanido, and Piano.

Top 10 Music Learning Apps In 2024

There are many apps to boost music skills. If you are looking for apps to develop your music skills, check out the list of best apps to learn music.

  • Guitareo: Offers lessons to learn songs and beginner guitar skills alongside JustinGuitar lessons.
  • Waay: Teaches music theory, melody creation, chords, progressions, and songwriting for both beginners and experienced musicians.
  • Perfect Ear: Helps with learning chords, scales, intervals, ear training, sight-reading, and singing notes and intervals.
  • Yousician: Acts as a personal music teacher for guitar, singing, and bass, allowing you to learn and play thousands of songs on your real instrument.
  • Learning Music via Ableton: Offers an interactive website to explore music fundamentals, including beats, melody, harmony, and song structure.
  • Melodics: A desktop app to help you learn to play MIDI keyboard pad controllers and electronic drums confidently through practice.
  • Shankar Mahadevan Academy: A free app to master the basics of singing, including learning basic notes and note patterns.

1. Perfect Ear

 Perfect Ear logo

Perfect Ear is a comprehensive music-learning app designed to improve your musical skills through various ear-training exercises and interactive lessons. It offers solfège, ear training, singing, and rhythm training exercises.

Its exercises are suitable for musicians of all levels and backgrounds. You can customize your practice sessions based on your skill level and preferences.

This app also offers a comprehensive set of articles that covers all necessary topics to get you started with Perfect Ear.


  • You will learn to compare, identify, and read intervals. 
  • It offers sight-reading to recognize notes on a music staff.
  • It offers chord exercises related to identification, inversion, reading, and progressions from basics to advanced.
  • It offers scale exercises to identify scales by their sound and how they look on a music staff or instrument.
  • Its rhythm exercises, such as rhythm reading, tapping, and imitation, are suitable for improving your sense of rhythm.


This app is available for free.

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2. Uberchord

Uberchord logo

Uberchord is a popular music-learning app designed to learn and master the guitar. You will learn guitar with real-time feedback and personal progress statistics.

This app offers new personal learning experiences with your favorite songs and unlockable challenges. It has a built-in microphone to identify chords in real time, including evil Jazz chords you have never heard of. 

Users can use the Lesson Editor to create songs or build exercises easily. This app saves time by tuning your guitar with the built-in high-precision tuner.


  • You will learn guitar chords with real-time feedback on your fingering, accuracy, and timing.
  • It has a song catalog with 100 famous songs, each of them a handcrafted course.
  • Users will learn rhythm patterns with the world’s first interactive strumming trainer.
  • You can instantly share your creation with family, friends, or students.
  • Its new song trainer teaches you your favorite tunes step by step.


Its cost is 14.99 USD per month or 89.99 USD per year.

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3. Music Labe

Music Labe logo

This app helps you to experiment with new musical ideas in ways you never imagined. You will get a musical instrument in your pocket. It is an easy-to-use instrument that lets you play and create with ultimate freedom.

It has an inspiring interface that anyone can use and enjoy. You can compose your own musical loops, create entire songs, and play a solo. It is based on harmonizing the circle of fifths and the Movable-do solfège method. 

This platform also has a novel synesthesia-based sheet music system as well as a uniquely composed musical piece for each scale.


  • It offers a uniquely composed musical piece for each scale.
  • It supports you to reach the next level of your singing expertise.
  • It is a great option for beginners who are interested in creating music.
  • It encourages a new approach to composition and can inspire fresh ideas.
  • It drives the initial musical interest of children and adults so their skills can be further developed.


It is available for free, but it also has a pro version.

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4. Music Tutor

Music Tutor logo

Music Tutor is the best app to read sheet music and improve your sight-reading skills. Users can develop their speed and accuracy in reading music sheets by identifying music notes in timed sessions.

You can practice with treble, bass, and alto clef notes in timed or untimed sessions. Users can also set their own range of notes they want to practice with. This app supports notes up to 4 ledger lines above or below the staff on any clefs.

It is available for Android and iOS devices.


  • You can practice recognizing music notes on the go.
  • It offers notes reference charts for Treble, Bass, and Alto clefs.
  • It connects your keyboard or digital piano using a Lightning USB Camera Adapter.
  • It offers a practice session with Music Tutor without installing the complete app.
  • You can develop your speed and accuracy in reading music sheets by identifying music notes in timed sessions. 

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5. EarMaster

EarMaster logo

EarMaster is a comprehensive music education app designed to enhance your ear training and music theory skills. It offers a set of ear training exercises that cover areas such as interval recognition, chord identification, scales, rhythm dictation, and more.

This app offers 4,000 exercises for learners at all levels to develop musical skills such as intervals, scales, chords, cadences, melodies, rhythm, and sight-singing.

It is the best source of learning for music students, hobbyists, and professionals who want to improve their musical skills. It also offers built-in courses for ABRSM Aural and RCM Voice.


  • It improves timing with motivating sight-reading, clap-back, dictation, and error-detection exercises.
  • You can sing musical scores and obtain an instant evaluation of your pitch and rhythmic accuracy. 
  • This app checks your performance in real-time and adapts the current exercise’s content and length. 
  • You can easily configure your exercises to focus on the intervals, chords, scales, or rhythms of your choice.
  • This app will train you to hear and recognize melodies, scales, intervals, chords, chord inversions, chord progressions, rhythm, and cadences.

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6. Flowkey 

Flowkey Logo

Flowkey is the best online source for learning the piano. You will learn your favorite songs on piano without any prior experience. It is the best online source for learning piano because it offers many songs, including popular hits, classical pieces, and more.

It offers a huge library of courses, so choose your favorite piano pieces from 1500+ songs and learn all about notes, chords, reading sheet music, and the proper technique.

Its apps are available for iOS and Android. Its Android app has 1 Million+ downloads. Its iOS app rating is 4.7, and its Android app rating is 4.4 out of 5.


  • Best App to Learn Piano.
  • It has a huge library of 1500+ songs.
  • Flowkey is the best and easiest way to learn.
  • Learn your favorite songs without any prior experience.
  • Learn how to use your fingers and play with both hands.


Flowkey offers 3 subscription plans: Monthly, 6 Months, and annual. Its monthly cost is $19.99, the 6-month cost is $83.94 ($13.99 per month), and the annual plan cost is $1119.88.

Learn More About Flowkey.

7. Simply Piano

Simply Piano Logo

Simply Piano is a famous piano learning application developed by JoyTunes. It is designed for beginners who want to learn how to play the piano through interactive lessons and exercises. It is available for children and adults who want to learn the piano at their own pace.

Its curriculum is divided into different levels, from beginners to more advanced techniques. It offers 33+ courses that introduce basic piano concepts.

Its apps are available for iOS and Android. Its Android app has 50 Million+ downloads. Its iOS app rating is 4.7, and its Android app rating is 4.5 out of 5.


  • Best App to Learn Piano.
  • It works with any piano or keyboard.
  • It is available for children and adults.
  • Every course starts with a recap.
  • It provides real-time feedback on your performance.
  • You can create multiple profiles on one account.


Its monthly cost is $19.99, and its annual cost is $119.99 ($9.99 per month). It also offers a family plan with 5 premium profiles. Its family plan cost is $14.99 per month. You can cancel any plan at any time.

Learn More About Simply Piano.

8. Yousician

YouSician Logo

Yousician is the best way to learn to play music at home. Real music teachers create lesson plans. You will learn fast with interactive tutorials and stay motivated with goals and progress tracking.

This app is a supplementary tool for music students already taking lessons or studying music in a college or institute. Learners can learn lessons anytime, anywhere.

It is available for iOS and Android. Its Android app has 10 Million+ downloads. Its iOS app rating is 4.6, and its Android app rating is 4.1 out of 5.


  • Its interface is well-designed and easy to navigate.
  • It is the best way to learn to play music at home.
  • Real music teachers create lesson plans.
  • It provides instant feedback on your accuracy and timing.
  • It also offers a built-in tuner feature within the app.
  • All subscribers get access to a 7-day free trial.


  • Basic Plan pricing for 1 instrument: Its monthly cost is $4.99, and the annual plan costs $27.99.
  • Personal Plan pricing for all instruments: Its monthly cost is $6.99, and the annual plan costs $29.99.

Learn More About Yousician.

9. Melodics 

Melodics logo

Melodics is an online platform designed to help people learn and improve their skills in playing MIDI keyboards, electronic drums, and pad controllers. It offers 1,000,000+ musicians around the world.

It also provides live feedback so learners can build their skills and confidence in playing MIDI instruments. You will learn from the best, with exclusive content from huge international artists.

You can access Melodics from any device with an internet connection. It is available for iOS and Windows. Its iOS app rating is 3.4 out of 5.


  • It is a great practice tool for piano and drums.
  • It also provides live feedback while playing.
  • It offers 1300+ lessons related to all skill levels.
  • It offers 60 free lessons for 5 minutes a day
  • It offers a fun way to learn to play your instrument.
  • New lessons are added Monthly.


  • Standard Plan Cost: $19.99 Per Month and annual cost $99.99 ($8.33/month)
  • Premium Plan Cost: $24.99 Per Month and annual cost $149.99 ($12.50/month)

Learn More About Melodics 

10. Playground Sessions

playground sessions logo

Playground Sessions is an online piano learning platform that offers interactive lessons and popular song tutorials to learn how to play the piano effectively. You will learn songs from artists like Taylor Swift, Queen, Beethoven, and hundreds more. 

Its 20+ courses help you go deeper and become a complete musician. It allows users to track their progress and monitor their improvement over time. Users will also get access to its Song Library, with 1000+ songs from different genres.

You can access Playground Sessions from any device with an internet connection. It is available for iOS and Windows. Its iOS app rating is 4.8 out of 5.


  • Best Platform for Learning Piano.
  • It offers 2000+ songs and 20+ music theory courses.
  • It uses a gamified approach to learning Piano in a fun way.
  • It is suitable for all level learners.
  • Offers lifetime subscription plan with all content access.


Playground Sessions offers Monthly, Annual, and Lifetime subscription plans.

  • Monthly Plan: $24.99 Per Month.
  • Annual Plan: $149.99 Annual.
  • Lifetime Plan: $349.99 for Lifetime.

Learn More About Playground Sessions


I have shared the best Android and iOS apps to improve your music skills. Some apps are suitable for learning piano skills, and others are good for improving guitar and music theory skills. Overall, Yousician is the best app because it offers a personal music teacher for guitar, singing, and bass. It allows users to play thousands of songs on their real instrument with clear, clear instructions.

Is there a decent app for learning music theory?

Yes, there are several decent apps available for learning music theory. Some recommended options include the “Music Theory Helper” app on Google Play, which is described as decent, and other apps highlighted in sources like Reddit, Music Teacher magazine, Hello Music Theory, and National Guitar Academy. These apps cater to both students and teachers, offering valuable resources for learning music theory effectively.

Fun Music Learning Apps Your Kids Will Love

  • ABC Music: A fun music-learning app for kids.
  • iTooch Music: An engaging app for music education.
  • Beat Maker Go: Allows kids to create music and learn rhythm.
  • Piano Maestro: Ideal for piano learning and music theory.
  • Lily: An interactive music app for children.
  • Bandimal: Encourages creativity in music composition for kids.
  • Baby’s Musical Hands: Offers a playful introduction to music for toddlers.
  • Duckie Deck Homemade Orchestra: Engaging app for musical exploration.
  • Music Sparkles – All In One Musical Instruments Collection HD: Provides a variety of musical instruments for kids to explore.


Which app is best for learning music for free?

Perfect Ear, Yousician, and Uberchord are the best apps to improve music skills from beginning to advanced level.

How can I learn music at home for free?

Online Music learning apps are the best way to develop music skills. If you are looking for apps to develop your music skills, Perfect Ear, Yousician, and Uberchord are the best apps to start.

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