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Magic School AI Review

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Magic School AI is a platform designed to help schools and educators with various teaching tasks, including creating lesson plans, developing assessments, crafting rubrics, and guiding educators through specific courses. It integrates with popular learning management systems (LMS) such as Moodle, Canvas, Blackboard, and Google Classroom. The platform offers features such as lesson planning, student support, communication, productivity tools, and community integration. It also has some limitations and challenges, such as accuracy, quality, ethics, privacy, and human-AI interaction.

  • It automates tasks like lesson planning, grading, and assessment creation.
  • It personalizes learning experiences and identifies student weaknesses for targeted support.
  • Its AI can generate creative lesson ideas and resources.
  • It offers tools for various tasks, including IEP creation and communication with parents.
  • It may not capture the unique approaches and creativity that human teachers provide.
  • Its cost may not be good for all schools.

MagicSchool is an AI platform that helps educators with different tasks to save time and improve their workflow. It has over 2,000 school and district partners worldwide. It offers over 60 AI tools to help teachers plan, differentiate, write assessments, write IEPs, and communicate clearly.

This platform is user-friendly and designed to promote sustainability and reduce burnout. It is also compatible with LMS and offers easy exports, such as Google Classroom and Microsoft Word. This platform is designed to be responsible, safe, and compliant with FERPA and state privacy laws. It also provides school-friendly policy documentation.

Magic School AI Review

Magic School AI is designed to help teachers in various aspects of their work using artificial intelligence. It offers tools to help with lesson planning, differentiation, assessment writing, IEP creation, and more.

Educators can use over 60 AI tools that generate warm-ups, academic content, key vocabulary, text-dependent questions, and writing prompts according to the latest standards. It provides professional development opportunities through certification courses at different levels, including an intermediate course on prompting. It will help teachers save significant time by using the AI capabilities of Magic School for their educational needs.


  • Saves teachers time by automating tasks like lesson planning, text leveling, and assessment writing.
  • Provides training materials and feedback to improve teachers' practice.
  • Offers quicker and easier learning experiences.
  • Helps teachers identify students who need support by analyzing learning data.
  • Ensures student data privacy with secure storage on encrypted servers.
  • Offers updates with new features and stuff.


  • It can be expensive for schools and districts because you have to pay regularly to use it.
  • It is very helpful for teachers, but it cannot replace the essential role of human educators in the learning process.

Popular Tools Of Magic School AI

Special Education Teachers

  • IEP Generator: Draft individualized education plans for students with disabilities.
  • Accommodation Suggestion Generator: Receive suggestions to accommodate diverse learning needs.
  • Text Leveler: Adjust text levels to match each student's pace and comprehension.
  • Diagnostic Assessment Generator: Create assessments to gauge students' initial knowledge.
  • Assignment Scaffolder: Develop layered assignments catering to different skill levels.

All Teachers

  • Lesson Plan Generator: Create lesson plans for any topic or objective.
  • Multi-Step Assignment Generator: Generate comprehensive assignments aligned with standards.
  • YouTube Question Generator: Formulate guiding questions aligned with YouTube videos.
  • Multiple Choice Quiz Text-Based: Generate customized multiple choice quizzes from texts.
  • Text Rewriter Tool: Rewrite texts in different words or styles for various purposes.

ESL Teachers

  • Text Translator Tool: Translate texts into multiple languages effortlessly.
  • Text Summarizer Tool: Condense long texts into bite-sized summaries.
  • Common Misconceptions Generator: Identify and address common mistakes in language learning.
  • Text Scaffolder Tool: Break down complex texts into digestible parts.

Higher Education Professionals

  • AI Resistant Assignment Suggestion: Develop assignments that resist AI shortcuts.
  • Letter of Recommendation Generator: Craft personalized recommendation letters quickly.
  • Student Work Feedback Tool: Gather actionable feedback from students for course improvement.
  • Syllabus Generator: Create course-specific syllabi efficiently.

Features of Magic School AI 

I have used its all tools. All ARE GOOD for teachers to quickly solve the tasks. Let’s explore some key features of MagicSchool AI:

1. Academic Content


I have used Academic Content by clicking on the button. This tool generates original academic content customized to the topic and criteria chosen by educators. It provides unique materials for classes. It is easy to use. I have entered a topic (what is physics?) and selected a grade. It will generate results in a few seconds. It also provides the option to play the result in audio format. You can also save, copy, export, and print the results.

2. Lesson Plan 


Its lesson plan generator creates comprehensive lesson plans tailored to specific objectives, assessments, and key points. Just enter the topic, standard, or objective and click on the generate button. I have entered a topic (Why use AI in the education fields) and explained the objective. It will generate results in a few seconds.

3. Text Summarizer


If you have a long text pdf and want to know the main objective of the pdf, then paste all the text on Magic School Text Summarizer, It will provide you with all the key points of the whole pdf. Just enter the text and choose the length of the paragraph. Its AI will summarize the text.

4. Unit Plan Generator


You can easily generate a draft of a unit plan based on the topic, standards and objectives, and length of the unit. Select the Grade level, Length of Unit, and Unit Plan Title, and explain the context. I have entered a topic (Introduction to Trigonometry) and explained the objective. It will generate results in a few seconds.

5. Text Rewriter


You can take any text and rewrite it with custom criteria. This tool is very useful for those who want to create plagiarism-free content for academic tasks. I have also pasted 200 words of content in the section and clicked on rewrite. Its result was good, but generated content is detected as an AI detection tool by a tool like Gptzero.

6. Make Your School Magic with AI

Join the AI Innovators Program for schools and districts to help build the future of learning. With 2,000+ AI Innovators, MagicSchool is the most popular AI platform for educators worldwide. It offers a one-stop shop for AI in education, constantly updated with the latest features. MagicSchool offers special discounted pricing for innovators partners.

 Alternatives to Magic School AI 

  • Education CoPilot provides AI-based assistance for various teaching tasks like assessment prep and homework help.
  • IBM Watson Assistant is an AI-powered virtual assistant that can answer students' questions and provide support on different topics in real time.
  • Wolfram Alpha is an AI tool for education that offers answers and step-by-step solutions to complex math concepts.

What does magic school AI do?

Magic School AI is an AI-powered assistant to help teachers with various tasks such as lesson planning, assessment writing, and communication. It streamlines essential teaching tasks, saving educators valuable time and offering features like lesson planning, text leveling, efficient assessment writing, accurate proofreading, and feedback.

How much does Magic School AI cost?

Magic School AI offers various pricing plans tailored to different user needs. For individual users, there are two pricing options: a monthly plan at $12.99 and an annual plan at $8.33, which includes a discount. Teachers can access more features and remove advertisements by upgrading to a subscription plan starting at $10 per month. It also provides a free plan for individuals and small teams, offering features like 1 Chatbot Project, 25 messages, up to 100,000 character uploads, 3 data sources, 1 website, and 3 team members.

Is Magica AI free?

Magic School AI offers a free plan for individuals and small teams, providing features like 1 Chatbot Project, 25 messages, up to 100,000 character uploads, 3 data sources, 1 website, and 3 team members. 

Who created Magic School AI?

Magic School AI was created by Adeel Khan, who founded the platform to leverage AI technologies to help educators save time, prevent burnout, and create a sustainable teaching environment.

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