9 Best Apps To Learn Tagalog Quickly At Home In 2023

There are many apps to learn Tagalog. If you want to learn a new language from the beginning to advanced, then apps are the best way to start.  Apps are a good option to learn Tagalog quickly because they will provide much practice material to memorize new words and phrases.

There are several effective ways to learn Tagalog quickly: using the best apps, taking an online Tagalog course, and finding an online course. The best way to learn Tagalog from basics to advanced is to have the basics down and practice it with Tagalog native speakers.

To learn Tagalog by yourself, start by reading through the English dialogue to get an idea of what the text is about. Then, read through the Tagalog text while listening to the audio. Then, listen to the audio.

Tagalog is widely spoken in the Philippines and is one of the two official languages alongside English. Learning Tagalog can enhance your communication abilities and help you interact more confidently with Filipinos in various contexts, whether traveling, working, or socializing.

Top 9 Apps To Learn Tagalog

There are many apps to learn a language, but each app has its own features and drawbacks. Overall, Rosetta Stone, Preply, Pimsleur, Ling, and  Drops are the best apps to learn Tagalog from beginning to advanced.

Learn Tagalog with audio-based lessons.Pimsleur
Best app to improve Tagalog listening skills Ling 
Learn Tagalog from a native speakerSimply Learn Tagalog
Best app to improve Tagalog vocabulary and pronunciation skills.Utalk
Best app to improve Tagalog vocabulary skills.Drops App 
Best app to improve Tagalog vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation skills. Mondly
Best app to learn Tagalog through live classes.Preply
Best app to learn Tagalog with audio lessons.Rosetta Stone
Best app to learn Tagalog through gamified learning techniques.Memrise

1. Pimsleur 

pimsleur logo

Pimsleur offers audio lessons related to 55+ languages. It is the best language learning platform for those who prefer audio-based lessons and want to focus on conversational skills.

It also provides free access to all new users. Every new user gets a 30-minute lesson for free. Learners can easily access the lesson anytime or any place. But this platform is not perfect for advanced learners.

It is available for iOS, Desktop, and Android devices. Its Android app has 1 million+ downloads.


  • This app actually teaches you how to speak from day 1.
  • You will learn to read your new language easily.
  • It provides flashcards to practice vocabulary.
  • It offers a 7-day free trial for a monthly subscription.
  • You can test your new skills with the Quick Match and Speed Round.
  • Its built-in hands-free mode makes it easy to learn a new language anywhere, anytime.


Its monthly cost ranges from $14 to $20. Pimsleur also offers an upfront payment plan and its cost start from $30 to $550.

Learn More About Pimsleur.

2. Ling

Ling logo

You will learn vocabulary and phrases to form meaningful relationships with everyone you meet. Its interactive chatbot will enhance your listening skills with audio from native Tagalog speakers.

You can easily level your Tagalog skills with fun mini-games and the newest lesson review feature. Its learning methods can help you achieve fluency in record time.

5+ million language learners already used this app. It offers 200+ lessons per language. It provides audio from real native speakers and grammar notes with practical examples.


  • This app provides the most updated language-learning content through interactive games and fun activities.
  • You will listen to the words or phrases and then repeat what you hear from native speakers.
  • Its course content is made in collaboration with native speakers.
  • This app provides practice in real conversations with the chatbot.
  • You can trace the letters on the screen with your finger.


Its monthly cost is $8.99, and its annual cost is $79.99.

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3. Simply Learn Tagalog

Simply Learn Tagalog logo

It is a free language app that will assist you to speak Tagalog quickly and effectively. Its phrases and words are presented to you in both phonetic and original Tagalog writing.

Learners can study their vocabulary with flashcards using the spaced repetition technique. You can test your knowledge with a quiz and review your score.

You will learn from a native speaker anywhere, anytime. It is available for all devices, mobile and desktop. Its Android app has a 1L+ rating.


  • It offers a Tagalog phrasebook to survive in the Philippines.
  • New users will get access to 300+ free Tagalog phrases and words.
  • It offers a spaced repetition learning system to memorize new words and vocabulary.
  • Learners can track their learning progress and save favorite phrases and words.
  • You can adjust the quiz and flashcard settings for Tagalog to English and English to Tagalog.

Learn More About Simply Learn Tagalog

4. Learn Tagalog With Utalk

If you want to learn Tagalog online with practical, real-life situations, then Utalk courses are the best way to start. It offers 2500 words and phrases across 60+ topics covering everyday situations.

This platform offers language learning materials, such as vocabulary, phrases, and pronunciation practice. It is suitable for level learners. It is also suitable for intermediates looking to improve their vocabulary and pronunciation.


  • Native speakers provide all lessons.
  • Its topics take around two to three hours to complete.
  • It is easy to use, and you can even slow the audio down if it’s too fast.
  • This app is very helpful to improve Tagalog listening and speaking skills.
  • You can check your scores on progress bars as you move through five progressively difficult games. 

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5. Drops

drops app logo

It is the best app for those who want to improve their vocabulary skills related to the target language. If you want to develop your Tagalog language vocabulary, the Drops App is the best way to get started because it offers a list of more than 4500 words and phrases for improving your language skills.

This app is available for free with some limitations. It also offers a premium version with a 7-day free trial. You can also download the lesson for offline viewing in the premium version.

 This app provides a fast, fun, and easy way to learn Tagalog. It is available for iOS, Desktop, and Android devices. Its Android app has 5 Million+ downloads. 


  • You will learn new languages while playing games.
  • It offers a 7-day free trial for a premium subscription. 
  • You will learn how to read characters and scripts from different alphabets.
  • It offers custom illustrations for each vocabulary word to memorize the words.
  • Users will become fluent in a foreign language with this language-learning app.


The Drops app monthly cost is $13 per month, the annual cost is $69.99 ($5.83 per month), and the Lifetime access plan cost is $159.99.

Learn More About Drops App 

6. Mondly

Mondly logo

Mondly is the perfect platform for those who want to learn the Tagalog language from native speakers. It is available for all devices, and anyone can join this platform anytime. Its Android app has 10 million+ downloads.

Its curriculum, speech recognition, and bite-sized lessons will get you fluent faster. This app follows the CEFR principles in the lectures. So, it is suitable for those who want to take up CEFR-based exams.

Its lessons improve your vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation skills. You will learn pronunciation from conversations between native speakers.


  • It teaches you vocabulary through core words and phrases. 
  • Users will get positive feedback if they speak clearly and correctly.
  • It offers the most useful 5000 words and phrases in the Tagalog language.
  • It offers language exercises for reading, listening, writing, and speaking skills.
  • You will get the full conjugation, including the translation. It is faster and better than a dictionary.


Its monthly cost is $9.99, and its annual cost is $47.99 with one language access. This platform also has a lifetime access plan, and its cost with a discount is $99.99 (original price $1999). 

Learn More About Mondly

7. Preply 

preply logo

If you want to speak confidently and want to get live classes through expert and certified tutors, then Preply is the best platform. This is the best app to improve language skills quickly.

It is the best platform to get live classes 1-to-1 with expert tutors to learn a new language. It offers professional online tutors from 200 countries. It is suitable for all levels A0, A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, and C2.

Preply experts train your employees to speak English, Tagalog, Spanish, and other languages fluently. This platform also offers a free trial for each tutor.


  • You will learn languages 1-on-1 with the world’s best online tutors.
  • This app makes online tutoring affordable by allowing tutors to set their own prices.
  • Learners can take their lesson anywhere via video call in the app or the Preply website.
  • Its expert language tutors teach adults and kids at every level, from beginner to advanced.
  • It is a language app where you learn real skills by taking private lessons with online tutors.


Preply tutors set their own price, but the price differs for different languages. For Example, a Spanish tutor costs $10-$30 per hour, and a French tutor costs $15-$50 per hour. Preply also charges a commission fee of up to 33% on top of the tutor’s fee.

Learn More About Preply

8. Rosetta Stone

rosetta stone logo

Rosetta Stone is the perfect platform for those who want to improve their speaking and listening skills.  This is the best app to improve listening and speaking skills because it mostly offers audio lessons to learn the Tagalog language.

It offers audio and images to teach you words and phrases. It also offers live coaching with a native speaker and provides immediate feedback on your pronunciation.

It is available for iOS, Desktop, and Android devices. Its Android app has 10 million+ downloads. Its iOS app rating is 4.8, and its Android app rating is 4.7 out of 5. After learning the lesson,  You will learn to read, write, and speak a language confidently. 


  • You can download lessons to do everything offline.
  • You will learn the Tagalog language in just a few minutes a day.
  • It offers a personalized language learning plan to boost your motivation.
  • You can access different kinds of exercises with Extended Learning features.
  • After subscribing to Rosetta Stone, it provides access to all lessons, stories, and audio companions.


Its 3-month cost is $35.97 ($11.99 per month). Its 12-month cost is $95.88 ($7.99 per month). Its lifetime subscription cost is $179.99 with a discount (original price $299).

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9. Memrise

memrise logo

It is the best app to learn a language quickly through gamified learning techniques. You will learn new words through Multiple-choice, Tapping, Typing, and Listening tests.  You will learn new words quickly through gamified learning techniques.

Memrise allows learners to create their own courses and share them with the community. It offers 30,000 native speaker videos, offline learning, advanced statistics, and access to a wider range of courses.

If you want to improve your Speaking, Listening, and grammar skills, then the Memrsie app is the best way to start. It is available for iOS, Desktop, and Android devices. Its Android app has 10 Million+ downloads. 


  • Users will learn words relevant to their lives.
  • You will watch 30,000+ conversations between real natives.
  • You can set your level and import your streak from other apps.
  • Users will get unlimited speaking practice (and feedback) from MemBot.
  • You will Build up confidence in private before speaking with natives for real.


Its monthly cost is $14.99, and its annual cost is $89.99 ($7.50 per month). Its lifetime subscription plan cost is $199.99. Its cost is different for different countries.

Learn More About Memrise.


All apps provide the best way to learn a language. If you want to build a strong foundation in the Tagalog language, Pimsleur, Ling, and  Drops apps are the best sources to get started. Each app has its own features and provides different ways of learning.


What app should I use to learn Tagalog?

Rosetta Stone, Preply, Pimsleur, Ling, and  Drops are the best apps to learn Tagalog from beginning to advanced.

What is the best way to learn Tagalog?

Online apps or courses are the best to learn Tagalog because they will provide a lot of practice material to memorize new words and phrases.


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