Gemini Advanced vs Chatgpt 4: 8 Main Differences

Gemini Advanced and ChatGPT 4 are advanced language models with unique features and capabilities. Gemini Advanced is known for its superior speed in tasks like text summarization, image generation, and coding. It also offers a comprehensive package with a Google One subscription, 2TB of cloud storage, and integration with Google apps, making it a high-value option compared to ChatGPT Plus.

On the other hand, ChatGPT 4 excels in creative writing and storytelling and is widely used for Python programming and file analysis. It also offers a free tier that will make it an attractive option for budget-conscious users.

Google claims Gemini Advanced beats GPT-4, but the best paid multimodal AI tool depends on its features, niche capabilities, and external integrations. The choice depends on your existing tools and tasks, and the monthly cost.

Gemini Advanced Pros And Cons


  • Performed well on coding tasks (writing a calculator program).
  • Was able to read and analyze images to some extent.
  • Offers a free two-month trial.


  • Does not work with Workspace accounts.
  • Cannot upload files other than images (e.g., PDFs, CSVs).
  • Had issues understanding prompts with large amounts of text.
  • Costs $19.99/month after the trial period.

Chatgpt 4 Pros And Cons


  • ChatGPT Plus is a subscription service priced at $20 per month.
  • Plus includes features like Chat with Image, Voice, creating custom GPTs, and more.
  • ChatGPT 4 is noted for better code quality, but it is slower compared to GPT-3.5.
  • It has features like Explore, Image Generation (DALL·E), and Web Browsing are introduced with Plus.
  • Users can create custom GPTs and interact with them, making the subscription beneficial for specific tasks.
  • Plus enables image generation with specific prompts, and users can iterate on generated images.
  • Users can upload files, like spreadsheets, for analysis, making it easier to work with structured data.
  • Web Browsing in ChatGPT Plus allows for up-to-date information retrieval.


  • Limited ability to perform complex reasoning or decision-making.
  • It has a slow response speed compared to Gemini.
  • It has limitations. 100 messages per 3 hours then 50 messages then 25 messages then again 50 messages. 

Gemini Advanced vs Chatgpt 4

Gemini Advanced vs Chatgpt

Gemini Advanced is powered by Google for accuracy, verifying responses against Google Search in real-time, and providing accurate and up-to-date information. It also integrates with Google apps like Google Docs, travel planning, YouTube editing, and collaboration.

ChatGPT Plus is a platform that offers personalized and profitable conversations for creators. It allows users to adjust a previous prompt within a multi-part conversation, saving tokens and avoiding restarting entire sessions.

  1. For Cost: With a $20 cost compared to ChatGPT Plus which only provides ChatGPT with GPT-4, Gemini Advanced offers more features like image generation, custom GPT creation, plugins, and Python code.
  2. For Speed: ChatGPT Plus has a slow response generation process, taking 40 seconds for a Python game of tic-tac-toe, while Gemini Advanced provides the same results in three seconds. Gemini is also faster in text summarization, image generation, and coding.
  3. For Coding: Gemini Advanced is known for its programming prowess, while it is not as effective as ChatGPT Plus. ChatGPT Plus can process uploaded files, create charts and tables, and run Python code. It also solves mathematical problems and provides data analysis. For programmers or data analysts, ChatGPT Plus is recommended as it can run code and analyze data in the browser or app.
  4. For Image Generation: I have used both platforms for Image generation. Gemini Advanced provides faster results but lacks quality, while ChatGPT Plus with DALL-E 3 did a great job with high-quality images. Both platforms needed to improve their features for image generation.
  5. For Data Analysis: ChatGPT Plus offers enhanced capabilities for PDF analysis. Users can extract insights and answer questions about documents, while Google has not integrated such features into Gemini which may not be good for those working with client paperwork or research studies.
  6. Other Plugins: ChatGPT Plus stands out by integrating with third-party apps for users to add plugins that directly interact with their AI assistant, while Gemini Advanced doesn’t offer bundled cloud storage and extras, but it does offer a 2TB storage with a Google One subscription.
  7. For Error Solving: Gemini Ultra 1.0 was able to generate Python code for a snake game with a UI in one go, while ChatGPT 4 required multiple attempts. When an error occurred and asked to explain a Python code, Gemini Ultra 1.0 said that it was not capable of doing so, while ChatGPT 4 was able to explain the code step by step.
  8. In a technical interview, both Gemini and GPT-4 demonstrate the ability to read and understand minified, complex code.

Gemini Advanced vs Chatgpt 4 Features

Gemini Advanced is known for its superior factual accuracy, fast performance, user-friendly interface, and Google One benefits, while ChatGPT 4 excels in creative writing, storytelling, and Python capabilities, and offers a free tier and access to custom models through the GPT Store.

Gemini Advanced
Security & Privacy
Prioritises security and privacy with robust measures
Focus on security and privacy protection
Review the quality and availability of customer support
Assess compatibility for seamless integration
Customer Support
Review the quality and availability of customer support
Check responsiveness to address technical issues
Focus on accuracy and reasoning abilities
Excels in creative writing and storytelling
Had issues understanding prompts with large amounts of text.It has a slow response speed compared to Gemini.
It provides fast results and Performs well on coding tasksOutperforms in generating creative content
Accessible through Google One AI Premium
It provides fast results and Performs well on coding tasks
User Interface
Easy To Use And Good for BeginnersUser-friendly interface
Free with a $20 Monthly cost.Free with a $20 Monthly cost.
Focus on accuracy, reasoning, and interface
Value creative writing, storytelling, and affordability
Suitable for users willing to invest in advanced features
Ideal for users seeking affordability and versatility
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Gemini Advanced is known for its speed, comprehensive package, and performance in tasks requiring factual accuracy and creative content generation, while ChatGPT 4 excels in Python capabilities, offers a free tier, and provides access to custom models through the GPT Store. 

Gemini Advanced has some advantages over ChatGPT 4, such as being more user-friendly and having a built-in code interpreter.

Gemini Advanced also has some disadvantages, such as not having as many features as ChatGPT 4 and not being as good at generating images.

Overall, ChatGPT 4 performs better in image recognition, while both models have strengths and weaknesses in coding-related tasks. Gemini Advanced is a good competitor to ChatGPT 4, and it will be interesting to see how these two models develop in the future.

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