EssayShark review: Essay writer service with positive assessments

Choosing a writing service may be quite a challenging process when you are a college student who needs professional writing help, yet you are pressed for budget. Thus, most students ask their mates to recommend expert writing companies they can rely on.

But what if none of your friends have turned to such services and have nothing to recommend? – You will have to do the stuff on your own; you are to browse various websites, compare prices and services, and finally make a choice. 

The number of writing services is quite large today, and some of them are real scams that you should better avoid. Thus, we decided to write a profound review about EssayShark, one of the top-rated services, and tell you about their strongest and weakest sides.  If you need help choosing a reliable company to entrust your “write my essay for me” order to, in this EssayShark review, you will find all the important information gathered in one place.

EssayShark reviews: Quick overview

EssayShark is a reputable writing service with 12+ years of experience in the academic writing field. For this period, they have earned a good reputation among their clients, and the predominant part of customer reviews are 4 and 5-start. As a result, the satisfaction rate on their website is 9.6/10, which is quite high.

Thanks to a large writing staff, they can provide their clients with professional writers almost immediately. Moreover, they operate 24/7 to stay available to customers day and night. Seems that these guys have thought over every slightest issue that may occur in their clients.

The number of years in the writing field impresses, but let’s dive into the services they offer and find out if their prices are reasonable.

The benefits

  • Urgent help. With this company, you can get professional writing help in about even 2 hours if your requirements allow. Just place your order, and their manager will give you more information. 
  • Experienced staff. The company carefully chooses its writing experts and hires only those candidates who have successfully passed a set of tests to prove their expertise. 
  • Relatively low prices. The company’s target audience is students, and they know pretty well that the price question is one of the most important for college learners. Thus, their costs are relatively low on the market.
  • 24/7 assistance. The experts at the company are spread worldwide, allowing them to stay available to clients around the clock. Whether you want to place your order, you need help with choosing a writer, or you have faced a technical problem on the website, their support team is available 24/7 to assist you.
  • Good reputation. The high rating score confirms that the service cares about its customers and offers high-quality assistance.
  • Easy-navigating website. All the needed information is available and easily navigated on the website so that you can get answers to merely all your questions. If something is missing, you can always contact their friendly support team and get the needed help.
  • Guarantees. This is one more piece of evidence that you, as a client, can fully rely on the company. The company cares about your personal information and the final result of their assistance.
  • Free pages. This is a little bonus for their customers. Compared to many other companies, when you place an order with EssayShark, you get a title page, citations, and unlimited revisions absolutely for free.
  • Free tools. The company also offers a list of tools that could be useful when you work on academic projects. Among them are an AI detector, a GPA calculator, a paraphrasing tool, various converters, etc. 

The limitations

  • No discounts. Here, you won’t find permanent discounts. Special offers are sometimes available to regular customers only.
  • Online assistance only. If you are one of those who like visiting such companies in person, this company operates entirely online.

Choose an essay writer on your own

EssayShark offers a bidding system where you can choose a paper writer on your own according to your preferences and budget.

How does this feature work? You, as a client, place your order with a company, and experts bid for your project with their prices. Then, you browse the list of bids and can choose the one that suits your demands most. Of course, such a method is beneficial because you are the only one who makes a decision concerning the helper who will work on your paper, and you do not have to pay an extra fee for such an opportunity. But this option also has its limitations. For example, when you place an urgent order, you may not have time to wait for all the experts to see your posting and bid for it. It means that you are more likely to choose from a limited list of experts. Thus, if you can place your order beforehand and leave it, at least, for a day, this will be a more beneficial option for you. The more time you leave it live, the more professionals will see the posting.

The pricing question

We have already covered this question a bit, but let’s dive a little deeper. The prices for professional writing services start at $10 if you need editing assistance and at $13.34 if you need writing services.

The final cost for your order will depend on the requirements you set. The main factors that influence the final price are the academic level of the paper, the deadline, and the number of pages.

These are just recommended rates for academic helpers, but they can bid for your orders with their own prices. Thus, if you need help, place your request and see what professional writers can offer you.

How EssayShark hires its experts?

Of course, it is not enough to simply say that writers on their staff are experienced professionals; they have to prove that they hire the best experts. Thus, EssayShark shares with clients how they hire experts as well as how they choose the best candidates among those who want to join their team.

Here is a list of steps every candidate should complete to join EssayShark.

  • Grammar test. As the company claims that they provide top-quality assistance, they have to make sure that their writers know the language well and can produce error-free content.
  • Discipline expertise. Every candidate sets the primary discipline they want to work with, and the company assesses their performance in this particular field. 
  • Practical assignment. Every candidate is given a practical assignment to show their writing skills in practice.

NOTE: Until a particular candidate joins the writing team, he/she does not work on clients’ orders. Some companies offer such an option to assign a “new writer” to their order, but with EssayShark, such a feature is unavailable.

  • Professional interview. The company cares greatly about its performance, and its friendly support team proves this. Such an interview is aimed at making sure the candidate can patiently communicate with clients and provide assistance no matter how foolish a client’s question may sound.
  • Probation period. During this period, a candidate gets a professional mentor who helps him/her learn the process as well as guides to provide the best possible results. 

When you come to EssayShark for writing help, you can rest assured that the helper who has bid for your order has passed this significant route to prove their proficiency and place their bid for your project.

Client-oriented guarantees at EssayShark

Most companies offer guarantees, but here, you can see that all their guarantees are client-oriented to the maximum.

  • No AI-generated content. When hiring a professional writer at EssayShark, you get an expert who will complete your paper from scratch according to your personal instructions. It means that when paying for your order, you won’t get a ChatGPT essay writer.
  • Customized assistance. Writers always complete orders following clients’ requirements. 
  • 100% original papers. Expert helpers always write papers from scratch and check final drafts for plagiarism.
  • No plagiarism. If needed, you can even ask your helper to send you a plagiarism report. 
  • Privacy policy. All your private data is totally secure, and only authorized members can access it. 
  • Refund policy. If it happens that your order does not meet the requirements you have set when placing your order, you can request a refund.

Is EssayShark legit?

This question bothers many students who want to get professional writing help but are not sure whether it is legit. First, let’s figure out what makes writing services legit: non-plagiarized content, offering samples, and uniqueness. All these features are supported at EssayShark so that we can rest assured that their services are absolutely legit. 

EssayShark reviews: What do people tell about their services?

If you look through the EssayShark reviews, you can see that most of them are positive and show that the company offers high-quality assistance to its clients. Of course, you, as a new client, may want to read bad reviews to see what issues their clients have faced, but rest assured that there is hardly an EssayShark review that says that they offer poor-quality services or plagiarized content. Most low scores are associated with technical issues and deadlines, where customers wanted to get their dissertations or theses to be done in 4 hours.

The tips to save money with EssayShark

If you understand that you can’t afford the costs offered by the company, don’t rush to close their website because there are some tips that could help you save some cash yet get top-quality assistance with your college writing. 

  • Place your order in advance. The more time you give, the lower price you pay. Mind this information when placing your order. If you set a 10-day deadline for your paper, it will cost you much less than the one needed in 4 hours. 
  • Order a part of your assignment. At EssayShark, you can get help with any part of your order. No matter whether you need help with the introduction, the body part of your essay, or a practical part of your thesis, you can order just the part of the paper you have problems with. 
  • Entrust shorter assignments to EssayShark experts. If you have several assignments and you are pressed for budget, you can order the shorter one and complete the larger paper on your own.
  • Choose writers with lower rates. Their bidding system is your opportunity to pay less. Leave your order for some time so that as many professionals as possible see the posting and choose an expert writer with a suitable cost. 
  • Pay in installments. When you order a large assignment and have to pay a higher cost, it could be real trouble to pay the whole amount immediately. In this case, you can break the cost into two parts and get your paper in parts as well.

As you can see, with EssayShark, professional writing services are available to college students with different budgets. If you need quality assistance but have a limited budget, you can still get expert help at this service.

So, is EssayShark safe?

All the information given in this review shows that EssayShark is the writing service you can trust and rely on, even if you need urgent help. With this company, you can rest assured that all your personal information is secure, that the quality of their assistance is always high and they do really care about your academic performance. 

Our EssayShark review proves that it is no wonder that this company has earned such a high success rate among clients; their services and guarantees definitely deserve your attention.

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