BrainPOP: Animated Educational Site for Kids

If you want to boost your kid’s school success through various online activities like fun, BrainPOP is the best platform because it will teach Science, Social Studies, English, Math, Arts & Music, Health, and Technology in a fun way.

BrainPOP was founded in 1999. It offers engaging games, animated movies, and activities designed with relevance, depth, and humor to encourage kids on their unique learning paths.

Overview of BrainPOP

BrainPop is an award-winning educational website offering animated videos, quizzes, and games for kids. It covers various subjects including science, social studies, math, and English. Parents love its engaging approach but some feel it’s not enough for a full curriculum.

It is ideal for kids who enjoy videos and games. It’s also available in multiple languages and offers a special version for English learners. It offers free access and paid plans for full access.

  • Benefit: BrainPOP helps kids build confidence in school and learn important life skills.
  • Free Trial: You can start for free.
  • Method: BrainPOP uses humor, creativity, and engaging content (movies, quizzes, games) to make learning fun and effective.
  • Content: BrainPOP covers a wide range of topics, from core knowledge to higher-order thinking skills. It even offers creative tools like movie-making and coding.
  • Target Audience: BrainPOP caters to both regular classrooms (boosting achievement) and homeschooling (providing lesson plans).
  • Subscription Plans: They offer different plans depending on your needs (grades covered, number of users).
  • Free Resource: As a bonus, they provide a free movie about Mae Jemison, the first African-American woman in space.

BrainPOP 3-8

BrainPOP 3-8

BrainPOP is a tool that helps teachers build essential literacy skills in all subjects and delivers real-time insights. It offers time-saving support, lesson plans for every topic, standards alignments, professional development, and certification. It also fosters higher-order thinking skills and creativity with student-driven learning activities like Make-a-Movie and Creative Coding.


  • Engaging Content: Interactive and accessible animated movies to build knowledge and literacy skills.
  • Lesson Planning: Pre-made lesson plans for various topics and standards alignments.
  • Differentiation: Offers auto-graded activities and leveled questions to cater to different learning styles.
  • Real-time Insights: Offers data and reports to track student progress and measure learning outcomes.
  • Higher-order Thinking Skills: Activities like Make-a-Movie and Creative Coding are very helpful for deeper understanding.
  • Teacher Support: Professional development, time-saving resources, and a global community for educators.
  • Proven Results: BrainPOP shows a 28% increase in literacy skills for students and improves vocabulary and comprehension.

BrainPOP Jr.

BrainPOP Jr. provides game-based activities to learn various subjects like Science, Social Studies, English, Math, Arts & Music, Health, and Technology. It offers relatable characters Annie and Moby who guide children through different topics, fostering critical thinking skills and encouraging them to ask questions and make connections.

It is proven to build background knowledge and improve literacy skills for every student. Its resources are designed to enrich the learning experience for students and teachers, and it has been loved by educators for years.

BrainPOP Jr. focuses on hands-on and digital learning activities to deepen understanding and cultivate early literacy skills. They offer a free 30-day trial for you to explore before committing.

BrainPOP Science 6-8

BrainPOP Science 6-8

BrainPOP Science is an educational resource that aims to unlock complex science concepts for middle schoolers. It is designed to complement classroom curricula, bringing multidimensional science to life and accelerating evidence-based writing and reasoning skills. It aims to make science learning engaging and effective with current educational standards.

  • Engaging Content: It uses immersive investigations and relatable scenarios to make science come alive for students.
  • Improved Skills: BrainPOP Science is proven to develop critical thinking, data analysis, scientific reasoning, and writing skills.
  • Real-World Focus: Students explore authentic scientific phenomena and engineering challenges.
  • Teacher Support: BrainPOP Science offers ready-to-go investigations, teacher guides, and resources aligned with NGSS standards.
  • Proven Results: It has a positive impact on student achievement and prepares them for high school science.
  • Widespread Use: BrainPOP Science is used by thousands of schools across the US.

BrainPOP Family, K-8

BrainPOP is an educational platform that offers independent learning for children. It is best suited for grades 3-8 and includes 1,200+ educational topics across the curriculum. BrainPOP aims to be a valuable tool for families to supplement children’s education in a fun and engaging way.


  • Engaging Content: Over 1,200 educational movies and games on various topics, aligned with curriculum standards.
  • Independent Learning: Kids can explore topics at their own pace and interests in a safe online environment.
  • Effective Learning: BrainPOP uses humor and creativity to make learning fun and effective.
  • Multiple Learning Styles: BrainPOP offers movies, quizzes, games, and activities to cater to different learning styles.
  • Family Plans: There are different subscription plans available depending on the number of learners (children) and grade levels.
  • Free Trial: You can try BrainPOP for free before committing to a subscription.

BrainPOP Familyoffers different subscription plans depending on your needs:

  • Multiple Learners K-8: $159/year (save 34%) – best value for multiple learners, includes all BrainPOP & BrainPOP Jr. content.
  • Grades K-3: $119/year (save 34%) – focuses on age-appropriate topics with playful assessments.
  • Grades 3-8: $129/year (save 33%) – offers more advanced topics, playful assessments, and additional activities.

All plans include a free trial.

BrainPOP Homeschool, K-8

BrainPOP Homeschool

BrainPOP Homeschool is an educational program designed to help homeschooling parents provide a well-rounded education for their children. You can start a free trial to see if BrainPOP Homeschool is a good fit for your homeschool.

Here are the key features of BrainPOP Homeschool:

  • Over 1,200+ topics covering all K-8 subjects with engaging media like movies, quizzes, and projects.
  • Lesson plans that are complete and cover a wide range of topics.
  • Focus on building core knowledge, higher-order thinking skills, and social-emotional skills.
  • Multiple learner profiles allow for personalized learning and assignments.
  • Teacher dashboard to track student progress and customize instruction.
  • Educator resource hub with lesson ideas and extra tips.
  • Proven to boost achievement and make learning exciting.

BrainPOP Homeschool offers different subscription plans depending on your needs:

  • Multiple Learners K-8: $430/year (save 28%) – This plan gives access to all content and activities for both BrainPOP and BrainPOP Jr.
  • Grades K-3: $295/year (save 18%) – This plan focuses on age-appropriate topics with simplified creative projects.
  • Grades 3-8: $350/year (save 27%) – This plan offers more challenging topics, creative projects, and built-in assessments.

Is BrainPOP for free?

Yes, BrainPOP offers free trials for certain periods, full access to BrainPOP typically requires a subscription. Therefore, BrainPOP is not entirely free, and users usually need to subscribe to access its complete range of educational materials and resources.

What is BrainPOP used for?

BrainPOP is an educational website that uses fun animations, games, and quizzes to teach kids a variety of subjects. It’s like a playground for learning! It’s mostly aimed at students in grades 3 and up.

What age is BrainPOP good for?

BrainPOP is an educational platform that offers a wide range of subjects and topics for students from Kindergarten to 8th grade. It includes BrainPOP Jr. for grades K-3 and BrainPOP for grades 3-8, covering subjects like math, science, social studies, arts, music, health, and more. 

How do I join BrainPOP?

  1. Visit the BrainPOP website.
  2. Sign up for a 30-day sneak peek for educators to access educational resources2.
  3. If you have an educator code, go to BrainPOP, click on “Enter Code,” enter the Educator Code, complete the form, and create your account

Can I learn English with BrainPOP?

Yes, you can learn English with BrainPOP. BrainPOP ELL (English Language Learning) is a comprehensive program designed for students of all ages to improve their English language skills. It offers animated movies, interactive features, vocabulary-building exercises, grammar lessons, and language practice activities to help learners read, write, and speak English with confidence.

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