Top 8 Deep Fake Video Makers Free In 2024

If you are looking for a Deep Fake Video Maker, this article is perfect for you because we will cover free Deep Fake Video Makers in this blog.

Deepfake videos are a growing concern that poses a significant threat to society. While many free deepfake video makers are available, it is important to be aware of the potential for malicious misuse and fraud.

As deepfakes become increasingly sophisticated, individuals and organizations must be educated on how to identify them and protect against their harmful effects. Only 29% of people globally are aware of deepfakes.

What are Deep Fake Video Makers?

Deep fake video makers are software applications and websites that enable users to create synthetic media by replacing a person’s face or voice with another.

These tools use machine learning algorithms and deep learning techniques, such as generative adversarial networks (GANs) to generate realistic deepfake content.

Popular deepfake video makers include DeepFaceLab, ReFace, Zao, Wombo, FaceMagic, Jiggy, Deep Nostalgia, DeepBrain, and These tools can be used for various purposes, such as creating engaging content, training corporate videos, or for fun.

Top 10 Deep Fake Video Makers Free In 2024

  1. DeepFaceLab: Open-source, powerful tool for high-quality face-swapping and deepfakes.
  2. Deepfakesweb: Online platform for generating deepfakes with pre-trained models and templates.
  3. ReFace AI: Mobile app for face-swapping and creating funny deepfakes with live video.
  4. Wombo AI: App that uses AI to create lip-sync videos and sing for you.
  5. FaceMagic: Mobile app for face-swapping, morphing, and creating cartoon avatars with your face.
  6. Zao: Pioneering deepfake app from China, known for its seamless face-swapping in video clips.
  7. Face Swap Live: Mobile app for real-time face-swapping during video calls and live streams.
  8. Face Swapper AI: Online platform for creating deepfakes with various options and customization tools.

1. DeepFaceLab


DeepFaceLab is a popular software for creating deepfakes. Over 95% of videos are created using this tool. It allows users to swap faces on images or videos. This app provides a simple and flexible interface for high-quality results.

It is primarily used for entertainment but can also be utilized for creating engaging content, training corporate videos, or for fun.

It is easy to use. Select two photos from the camera roll, press the process to swap faces, and when finished, Download the generated result.

It allows users to modify the pipeline to achieve their desired results. DeepFaceLab is available for download on platforms like GitHub, and SourceForge. It is also available for Android and iOS devices.


  • It is a command-line-based deepfake software that allows users to create high-quality deepfake videos.
  • It has an active community where users can ask questions and share their experiences.
  • It is a funny application made for entertainment purposes only.
  • It offers a free trial period for all new users.

Access the Tool: DeepFaceLab

2. Deepfakesweb


Deepfakes Web is an online platform that enables users to create face-swapped videos. It is cloud-based does not require software download, and uses AI to generate realistic deepfakes.

This platform is helpful for those users who want to create deepfake videos for entertainment, content creation, or other purposes. While Deepfakes Web is a powerful tool, it is essential to consider the ethical implications of using this technology.

To create a deepfake, users upload their source and target videos, wait for the AI to learn and render the video, and download or watch the newly created video.

This platform is user-friendly and offers pre-trained models and basic editing tools. Users can download and share their finished videos. It is suitable for beginners or those looking for a quick and easy way to create basic face-swapped deepfakes.


  • It allows users to upload videos and click a button to create high-quality face-swapping videos.
  • Users can access their learning data, videos, and images without sharing information with third parties.
  • The quality of the deepfake depends on the quality and length of the videos.
  • It offers an easy-to-use interface for users to create deepfakes.

Access The Tool: Deepfakesweb

3. ReFace AI

Reface AI

Reface AI is an AI-powered face-swapping app that enables users to create realistic video montages and face swaps. It is a fun and easy-to-use tool for creating unique content, such as swapping faces with celebrities in movie scenes or creating memes.

It is available for free on both web and mobile devices and offers features like face swapping, AI headshot generation, photo animation, video editing, and the ability to apply stylized photo filters and add virtual tattoos.

Users can swap faces in images and videos, animate photos, turn them into cartoons, and create AI content from their favourite moments. To protect user data privacy, Reface AI automatically deletes user input photos after 48 hours. The app is available for free on web and mobile devices.


  • Users can create realistic face swaps and video montages using deep learning techniques.
  • It is a fun and easy-to-use tool for creating unique and creative content.
  • Ukrainian company and is available on both iOS and Android platforms.
  • It is a top-rated face swap app with funny face filters and videos.

Access The Tool: ReFace AI

4. Wombo AI

Wombo AI

WOMBO Me is an AI app that combines innovation and creativity to create real-looking avatars. It allows users to convert their headshots into real-looking characters, mixing capabilities, hairstyles, and gender swaps. This app is user-friendly and requires the best selfie to generate a various array of AI avatars.

Users can explore face filters, and AI-generated art, and share their creations on social media. It is a user-friendly app that enables users to create deepfake videos of friends or celebrities using AI technology. This app allows users to swap faces in videos, creating the illusion of celebrities.


  • It enables users to seamlessly swap faces in videos.
  • It offers tutorials on how to use the WOMBO AI app for creating deepfake videos.
  • It has a user-friendly platform for creating engaging and realistic deepfake content.
  • It has amazing features, such as avatar generation, genuine face swapping, and transformation.

Access The Tool: Wombo AI

5. FaceMagic


FAceMagic is an AI-powered face-swapping app that allows users to swap faces on videos, GIFs, and photos. It is designed for entertaining content creators, but users should consider its limitations in terms of accuracy and quality.

It is like a virtual playground in your face that allows you to create hilarious, creative, and time-to-time mind-bending content material with only a selfie or two.

It is a unique face editor that allows users to create funny short videos and memes. Users can reface videos, make memes, make friends dance, or replace themselves in iconic TV shows and movies.

It offers an up-to-date source of short videos, GIFs, and photos that can be used to create trendy content. It also offers live face changers and gender swaps, and users can experiment with live face changers and gender swaps.


  • Users can reface videos, photos, images, and other digital content like an actor.
  • It also offers live face changers and gender swaps for free.
  • Users can put their faces on videos of favorite movie scenes, and share deep fake face videos with friends and family.
  • It is a very useful app for creating funny short videos, memes, and other content on various platforms like TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and Twitter.

Access The Tool: FaceMagic

6. Zao

Zao app

Zao is a Chinese deepfake app for users looking to superimpose faces on characters in movies, TV shows, and videos using deep learning and AI.

This app has a user-friendly interface and a vast library of content to create realistic deepfake pictures and videos. It is only available in Chinese, making it unsuitable for a global audience.


  • Users can create deepfake videos in a matter of minutes. 
  • It is popular for its speed and accuracy in creating deepfakes.
  • It uses powerful AI algorithms and technology in the background to ensure maximum quality.

7. Face Swap Live

Face Swap Live

Face Swap Live is a real-time face-swapping app that allows users to record videos or photos of themselves swapping faces with celebrities or friends from the internet or their phones.

It offers built-in face filters and FX, web face search, a face editor, augmented reality (AR) and ARKit face masks, and party mode.

Users can record videos or photos of themselves swapping faces with celebrities, friends, or any fun picture from the internet or their phone.


  • It enables users to switch faces in real-time with friends or photos.
  • You can easily create high-quality and engaging deepfake content.
  • Users can edit their faces to get the perfect fit.
  • It offers a library of over 25 effects that users can apply to their face swaps.

Access The Tool: Face Swap Live

8. Face Swapper AI

Faceswapper AI

Faceswapper is an online AI face swap app that can switch to the faces of anyone online without installation, ads, or watermarks. It is perfect for creating funny memes, gifs, and face swap videos, grabbing more attention on social media.

It is a simple and fast way to create and share fun and engaging content. With its advanced AI algorithms and user-friendly interface, users can enjoy the benefits of AI face swapping.

It is suitable for users who want to create deepfake videos for entertainment, content creation, or other purposes. While is a powerful tool, it is essential to consider the ethical guidelines when creating deepfake videos.


  • It can turn one face photo into endless fun by replacing it with different characters.
  • This app also allows users to try new makeup, hairstyles, or dresses.
  • It provides a user-friendly interface for users to create deepfakes.

Access The Tool: Faceswapper AI


I have shared the top 8 tools to create a Deep Fake Video. But, You need to consider the ethical guidelines when creating deepfake videos. This article is only for educational and entertainment purposes.

Who invented deepfake?

In 2017, Reddit users ‘deepfakes’ used deep learning techniques to create fake videos.

How dangerous is deepfake?

Deepfakes are a growing concern due to their potential to spread false information and harass, intimidate, and undermine individuals. They can create misinformation, confusion, and unethical actions, such as non-consensual pornography. Real-time deepfakes can be used for scamming, fraud, and influencing public opinion. T

Can AI detect deepfakes?

Yes, AI is very helpful for detecting deepfakes. Some AI-powered tools used for deepfake detection include Sensity AI, which claims 98.8% accuracy in detecting deepfakes created by diffusion models, FakeCatcher by Intel, which analyzes blood flow patterns in videos, and the Media Forensics Lab at the University of Buffalo, which focuses on analyzing eye movements and gestures to detect deepfakes.

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