Top 9 Audiobook Apps for Every Genre & Budget: A Comprehensive Guide

If you are looking for audiobook Apps, this article is perfect. Audiobook apps are digital applications designed to access a large amount of spoken-word audio content. These apps are helpful for listening to books, articles, and other written material using smartphones, tablets, or other electronic devices.

Many Audiobooks are easy to use and provide playback controls such as play, pause, skip forward, and rewind. You can easily control the audio playback according to your preferences.

If you are looking for the best audiobook apps for Android and iPhone, this complete article is best for you because I provide complete details of the best audiobook apps with features, pros, and cons.

Top 9 Audiobook Apps for iPhone & Android

There are many audiobook apps available on the market. These apps are very helpful for busy people who are interested in multitasking. If you are interested in piano learning, then visit Best Apps to Learn Piano for Android.

  • Audible: Owned by Amazon, Audible is the largest audiobook platform with a vast library and exclusive content but requires a subscription.
  • Scribd: Offers audiobooks alongside ebooks, magazines, and other content for a monthly subscription fee.
  • Spotify: Primarily a music streaming service, but also offers a limited selection of audiobooks, some of which are free with a premium subscription.
  • Sells audiobooks individually and offers subscription plans with credits for purchases.
  • Libro.FM: Offers audiobooks through a membership program, supporting independent bookstores with a portion of each purchase.
  • LibriVox: Provides a vast library of free audiobooks from the public domain, narrated by volunteers.
  • Hoopla Digital: A library app offering audiobooks, ebooks, movies, and music, but requires a library card and may have borrowing limits.
  • Kobo Books: Primarily an ebook retailer, but also offers audiobooks for purchase.
  • eStories: Provides a large selection of audiobooks, some free and some requiring individual purchase.

1. Audible

Audible logo

Audible is a prominent audiobook and spoken-word entertainment platform owned by Amazon. It offers a vast collection of audiobooks, podcasts, original content, and other audio programming.

This platform offers audiobooks for different categories, such as Kids, Romance, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Comedy, Horror, History, Business, Young Adult Fiction, Self Development, Technology, and more.

This app offers an exciting library with thousands of titles, including Harry Potter, The Midnight Seller, A Promised Land, and Sherlock Holmes.

It is available on various platforms, including iOS and Android devices, Amazon Echo devices, Kindle e-readers, and web browsers.


  • Users can stream stories and podcasts that fit every mood.
  • It allows you to connect your phone to your car for continued listening.
  • It offers fan favorites and most-loved genres like mysteries & thrillers and motivation.
  • You can stream, download, and listen to audiobooks, whether offline or switching devices.
  • You will listen to thousands of audiobooks, including bestsellers and exclusive Audible Originals.
  • Users can enjoy selecting free audiobooks on Audible covering various topics. It also offers a 30-day free trial for premium membership.


Its audible plus cost is $7.95 per month, and its audible premium plus cost is $14.95 per month.

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2. Scribd

Scribd  logo

Scribd is a digital subscription service that offers a digital library for audiobooks, ebooks, magazine articles, podcasts, sheet music selections, and research documents. Its audiobooks allow you to listen anytime, anywhere.

This app offers audiobooks for all categories, such as Art, Biography, Business, History, Law, Lifestyle, Literary Criticism, News, Pets, Philosophy, Poetry, Politics, Romance, and more.

It offers features that enhance the listening experience, such as adjustable playback speed, offline listening by downloading audiobooks, and the ability to create bookmarks for easy reference.

Its app is available for iOS and Android devices.


  • You will play the classics or explore current hits from popular artists.
  • You can customize your narration speed and download audiobooks to listen offline.
  • It offers personalized recommendations based on users’ reading and listening habits.
  • It offers sheet music selections that cover every musical genre, instrument, and difficulty level.
  • It offers 60 million+ documents, including official government reports, case studies, and study guides.


You will get instant access to millions of ebooks, audiobooks, magazines, and more for only $9.99/month. It also offers free access for 30 days.

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3. Spotify

Spotify logo

Spotify is a popular digital music streaming app that provides access to a vast library of music tracks, podcasts, and other audio content. It allows users to listen to their favorite songs and discover new music through an app or web browser.

Spotify is a Sweden-based music streaming platform. Its library of books includes biography, fiction, non-fiction, self-help, business, romance, mystery, and more.

Users can create and share their own music playlists to suit their moods. It is available for free. If you want additional features and want to get an ad-free experience, then join the pro plan.

You will listen to music and podcasts on your mobile, tablet, desktop, PlayStation, Chromecast, TV, or wearable device.


  • This app offers albums, playlists, and podcasts related to 40+ category genres.
  • You can enjoy amazing sound quality on music and podcasts on all devices.
  • Users can discover new music, albums, playlists, and original podcasts.
  • You can download and listen to music, audiobooks, and podcasts offline.
  • You can play music from your favorite Netflix shows.


Spotify Premium Individual subscription cost is $9.99/month.

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4. | Get 3 Audiobooks Free

Audiobooks logo offers an extensive library of audiobooks that covers a variety of genres, including fiction, non-fiction, mystery, romance, self-help, science fiction, fantasy, award-winning drama, comedy, thriller & horror, foreign language titles, and more.

It provides 400,000+ classics, bestsellers, and new releases in your pocket. This platform offers a 30-day free trial, where you will get access to 3 free audiobooks, newscasts, audio magazine content, podcasts, etc.

It allows users to listen to audiobooks on various devices, including smartphones, tablets, computers, and smart speakers. You will enjoy all your favorite books without turning a page. You can stream or download audiobooks for listening in the car, at the gym, or on any smart speaker.


  • This app offers 400,000 audiobooks related to all genres.
  • You will engage with fellow book lovers from around the world.
  • It offers custom notes to bookmark key moments of your audiobook.
  • It offers personalized recommendations to help you find listens just for you.
  • You will get adjustable playback speed to customize your listening experience.


Its monthly subscription fee is $14.95.

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5. Libro. FM

Libro fm logo

Libro FM offers a unique approach to distribution by supporting independent bookstores. It provides users with a wide selection of audiobooks that can be purchased individually or through a subscription model. Users will get access to a catalog of 400,000+ audiobooks.

It offers content related to different genres such as Fiction, Biography and memoir, Fantasy, Romance, Mystery and thriller, Social Science, Technology, Self-Improvement, Science Fiction, History, and more.

LibroFM is currently only available in Canada and the US. This app allows you to buy audiobooks in your chosen bookstore, giving you the power to save money. It is available for Android and iOS devices.


  • You can use your Libro FM audiobook credits to get and gift audiobooks from the app.
  • This app organizes your library in a way that works for you with customizable tags.
  • Its audiobooks automatically sync from your account as well as across devices.
  • You can easily bookmark content so you can return to it later.
  • Users will get a free audiobook with membership.


Its monthly cost is USD 14.99.

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6. LibriVox | free public domain audiobooks

LibriVox logo

LibriVox provides free audiobooks of public-domain texts. It has a good collection of 15,000 free audiobooks, including classics, biographies & memoirs, gothic fiction, romance, poetries, and more. 

This app is the best choice for beginners who want to try audiobooks before subscribing to a premium plan. Its audiobooks are free for anyone to listen to on their computers, iPods, or other mobile devices or to burn onto a CD.


  • You can save and listen to as many books as you like.
  • Librivox is a non-commercial, non-profit, and ad-free project.
  • You can download the files and listen to them on any audio player you prefer.
  • Its bookmark features make it easy to return to a story’s favorite moments.
  • Users will get access to thousands of old-time radio dramas, and many other collections are entirely free.


Librivox is a non-commercial, non-profit, and ad-free project.

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7. Hoopla Digital

Hoopla Digital logo

Hoopla Digital is a digital platform that provides access to a wide range of digital content, including eBooks, audiobooks, movies, music, comics, and television shows. You can access the content everywhere you have a screen: your computer, your phone, your car, even your TV.

You can Take your library with you on your smartphone or tablet. Users can read, listen, and watch without ads for free with their Library card. Hoopla Digital is available only on the App Store for iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV.


  • It adds thousands of new titles every month.
  • You can turn it on to only show family-friendly content.
  • You can stream or download for offline reading, watching, and listening.
  • It gives unlimited streaming of popular content for 7 days with one borrow.
  • Users can highlight text and add notes or add notes to bookmarks for future reference.


Its standard plan cost is $22, the Advanced plan cost is $25, and the Unlimited plan cost is $32.

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8. Kobo Books

Kobo Books

Kobo Books is an e-book and e-reader platform that offers a wide variety of digital books for purchase and reading. It offers an extensive selection of e-books related to different genres, including fiction, non-fiction, romance, mystery, science fiction, and more.

It offers features like Adjusting listening speed, setting a sleep timer, and keeping your collection of audiobooks and eBooks in one place. Your audiobook collection is yours forever, even if you cancel.


  • You will get an audiobook for free when you subscribe.
  • This app provides the lowest subscription price, and your first audiobook is free.
  • It offers the most popular and trending audiobooks for those looking for a good listen.
  • You will get unlimited access to over 100,000 audiobooks in their library for only  $13.99
  • You will get one credit each month, and you can use it on your choice of audiobook, regardless of price.


Its monthly cost is  $13.99/month.

9. eStories

eStories logo

eStories offers 120,000+ audiobook titles, including best-sellers spanning every genre, and new releases are added each week. It also offers personalized search and discovery tools that make finding your next story easy.

You can stream, download, or upload to playbooks using the feature-rich mobile app or web player. You can even upload your audiobook to your eStories cloud library and listen to them all using the eStories app.


  • It provides personalized recommendations based on purchases.
  • You can browse, sample, and save books to your eStories Wishlist.
  • It automatically syncs books to 10 different devices.
  • Users will also get unlimited free audiobook cloud storage.
  • You can play this app on your Smart TV using Chromecast or AirPlay.


Its basic plan costs $11.99, plus the plan costs $21.99, and the Premium plan costs $49.99.

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I have shared free and paid audiobook apps. Audible, Spotify, and Kobo Books provide good audiobooks related to all categories. Most apps come with a free trial, so you can test the app before purchasing. Thus, get started today and enjoy listening to your favorite books at your convenience.


Which app is best for audiobooks?

Audible, Spotify and Kobo Books are the best audiobook apps because they offer content related to all categories.

What is the largest audiobook app?

Audible is the largest audiobook app. It offers an exciting library with thousands of titles, including Harry Potter, The Midnight Seller, A Promised Land, and Sherlock Holmes.

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