11 Best Apps To Learn History For iOS and Android

Apps are a valuable tool for learning history. It can enhance knowledge and understanding of the dynamic field of education. Apps can also support learning both inside and outside the classroom.

For example, a student can use an app to take a virtual tour of a historical site, play a game that simulates a historical event, read a primary source document from a historical period, or watch a video lecture from a historian.

History apps are updated to provide accurate news and information, and familiarizing students with technology can help them stay updated in the future. You can also use Chat GPT to gain quick answers to learn history.

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11 Best Apps To Learn History In 2024

Educational apps for history learning use a gamified approach, incorporating interactive activities, games, quizzes, videos, and illustrative graphics to enhance understanding of world history. Now Check the Top 11 Apps To Learn History.

  • Google Earth: Explore historical locations through interactive time lapses and street views.
  • Khan Academy: Access free video lessons and practice exercises on diverse historical topics.
  • The History of Everything: Discover interconnected stories of human history from the Big Bang to today.
  • Google Arts & Culture: Explore museum collections, historical sites, and art exhibits.
  • HISTORY Vault: Dive deep into specific historical events and figures with exclusive videos and documents.
  • World History Trivia Quiz: Engage kids in learning history with fun and challenging quizzes.
  • History Timeline: Visualize history’s flow with an interactive timeline spanning ancient to modern times.
  • Civilisations AR: Bring history to life with augmented reality, exploring famous locations and artifacts.
  • History Hit: Listen to engaging podcasts and documentaries hosted by leading historians.
  • Time Travel- chronicles: Embark on interactive fictional narratives in different historical periods.
  • Famous People: History Quiz: Test your knowledge of historical figures through engaging quizzes.

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1. Google Earth

Google Earth

Google Earth is a valuable app for learning history due to its global perspective, historical change over time, and easy accessibility. It allows users to explore any location on the planet, from major cities to remote villages.

You can understand the interconnectedness of world history and the impact of geography on historical events. This app also offers historical imagery dating back to the early 1900s. Users can compare and contrast the growth of cities, infrastructure development, and the impact of natural disasters and human conflicts.

Google Earth provides access to various historical resources, including layers that overlay historical maps, photos, and videos onto modern satellite imagery. As a free app, it is convenient and accessible for students and teachers.

You will learn about the geography of historical battles and events, visit virtual museums and historical sites, and create interactive lesson plans and presentations.

Key Points:

  • Google Earth provides access to a vast collection of historical imagery.
  • This app is free to download and doesn’t require any in-app purchases
  • You can use Google Earth to create your own personalized historical tours and lessons.
  • This app can connect you to primary source material, including historical photos, documents, and videos related to specific locations.

2. Khan Academy

Khan Academy

The Khan Academy app is a valuable tool for learning history because it covers various topics from ancient civilizations to modern times. It is free and accessible to everyone.

Students can use the app to learn about specific historical topics, review concepts learned in class, and prepare for tests and quizzes. Teachers can select specific lessons, videos, and quizzes from the Khan Academy library and create custom student assignments.

Users can create their own timelines, which helps visualize historical events and connect them. This app is available in multiple languages, making it a valuable resource for students worldwide.

In conclusion, the Khan Academy app is a valuable tool for learning history. It utilizes multimedia elements such as videos, interactive timelines, and primary source documents to make history come alive.

It is available for Android and iOS devices.

Key Points:

  • It is free to use for level learners.
  • Students can learn through interactive exercises, videos, guides, quizzes, and articles.
  • It provides assessments and quizzes that help learners to understand historical concepts.

3. The History of Everything

The History of Everything

It is an innovative and engaging way to learn history. Users can personalize their learning experience by focusing on specific topics or regions, reading longer descriptions, and viewing additional images and videos.

This app also helps students prepare for tests and quizzes with various questions and exercises. Teachers can use the app to create visually appealing and informative lesson plans. It is a helpful app to enhance teacher’s and student’s understanding of history.

Users can navigate, explore, and compare events from the Big Bang to the birth of the Internet. Events are beautifully illustrated and animated. You can explore different timelines where you can learn anything.

Key Points:

  • The presentation of The History of Everything is simple and sleek.
  • It is an excellent educational app that every child and adult can use to learn interesting facts.
  • You can find the timelines of the Second World War, Newton’s theory of gravity, man’s landing on the moon, and much more.

4. Google Arts & Culture

Google Arts Culture

It is a comprehensive platform to explore over 2,000 cultural institutions from 80 countries. Users have access to various art, history, people, and wonders. This app offers features such as Art Transfer, Art Selfie, Color Palette, Art Projector, Pocket Gallery, Art Camera, 360° videos, Virtual Reality Tours, Street View, Explore by Time and Color, and Art Recogniser.

Users can also take guided tours, save and group their favourite artworks, find museums and exhibitions near them, subscribe to receive weekly highlights and translate exhibits into their native language. The platform also offers virtual reality tours and street views and explores time and colour through art.

It offers remote virtual tours of world-class museums, landmarks, and famous sites, providing students with a fun and beneficial experience. It allows students to visit museums worldwide and provides a unique and immersive learning experience.

Key Points:

  • You will learn about the world’s cultural heritage.
  • You can also find museums and exhibitions near you.
  • It offers 360° videos and virtual reality tours into the world museum.

5. HISTORY Vault


The History Channel offers over 2,000 commercial-free videos on events and people that shaped our world, from ancient empires to modern warfare.

With a subscription fee of $4.99 per month or $49.99 a year after a 7-day free trial, subscribers can watch full-length videos on topics like ancient civilizations, World Wars, space exploration, and classic HISTORY Channel series.

It offers many historical documentaries, series, and exclusive content. It also allows users to explore and immerse themselves in various historical topics.

Key Points:

  • It is available for Android and iOS devices.
  • This app provides access to a vast library of historical documentaries.

6. World History Trivia Quiz (History App For Child)

 World History Trivia Quiz

It is a fun and engaging quiz game that offers 150 general history questions and answers. Players must answer questions in 16 languages, including Arabic, Bulgarian, Chinese, Croatian, English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Serbian, Spanish, Turkish, Thai, and Korean.

The quiz offers hints, skip questions, hearts, and the option to ask a friend for help. The quiz also includes a certificate, which is earned after answering all quiz questions. The images used in the quiz are under Public Domain or Creative Commons Licenses.

Key Points:

  • It offers a general test of world history covering topics.
  • It has 150 general history questions and answers. 
  • Students can collaborate on answering questions and utilize hints.

7. History Timeline

History Timeline

The History Timeline app is a comprehensive and user-friendly tool for learning history. It offers a visual timeline of world history, covering events from the Big Bang to the present day. Each event is accompanied by brief descriptions, images, and videos, demonstrating the interconnectedness of history.

It is useful for students to get a general overview of world history, learn about specific historical topics, and prepare for tests and quizzes. It includes practice problems and quizzes to test students’ knowledge of historical events.

This app is unique in its ability to create custom timelines, allowing students to visualize historical events and their connections. It also includes primary sources like maps, letters, and photographs. This app is available in multiple languages, making it a valuable resource for students worldwide.

It covers all of the following:

  • History of Music
  • History of Philosophy
  • History of Art
  • History of Literature
  • World History: Life Events, Nations, Leaders, Wars
  • History of Science

8. Civilisations AR

Civilisations AR

Civilisations AR is a free augmented reality app that brings historical artefacts and artworks to life in your home. The BBC and Nexus Studios developed it in collaboration with over 30 UK museums.

This app allows users to place artefacts in their environment, resize, rotate, and view them from all angles. Users can also learn more about the artefacts by tapping the information icon.

It also offers interactive features, such as translating ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs, observing the inside of a Viking ship, and taking a virtual tour of a medieval castle. Civilisations AR is accessible in multiple languages and supports users with disabilities. The app is available on the App Store and Google Play.

Key Points:

  • It has a collaboration with 30 museums across the United Kingdom.
  •  It claims to put history in your hands.
  • It is free AR app to download on any device

9. History Hit

History Hit

History Hit TV is a unique history channel offering hundreds of hours of documentaries, original films, interviews, and ad-free podcasts. It features new programs every week, exclusive interviews with top historians, and original documentaries from historic sites.

This app allows users to download shows for offline viewing, and the content is available for streaming on any device. Its team is dedicated to providing a comprehensive history experience.

Key Points:

  • It enables students to learn history through history programmes.
  • Its educational materials can be downloaded for offline access. 
  • It is also available for free use.

10. Time Travel- chronicles

Time Travel- chronicles

It offers a unique feature for your study, featuring a timeline with 90,000+ events and 17,000+ map locations. It also features a chronological data editor for writers, links to Wikipedia, Google Images, YouTube, and historical sites on the map.

Its library is easy to create and publish, customizable, and has over 20,000 articles on various topics such as the history of the world, earth, music, cinema, USA, UK, India, Germany, France, Russia, and Iraq.

Key Points:

  • A comprehensive timeline of world history events, with over 90,000 events and 17,000 map locations.
  • The ability to create custom timelines with any number of events.
  • The ability to filter and sort timelines by date, location, topic, and other criteria.
  • Add notes and annotations to events.
  • It provides the ability to share timelines with others.

11. Famous People: History Quiz

Famous People

This app features 476 famous people from world history, including kings, queens, politicians, musicians, actors, and film directors. The app is divided into two levels based on difficulty, with Level 1 featuring 123 well-known persons and Level 2 featuring 122 harder-to-identify heroes.

At each level, players can choose from spelling quizzes, multiple-choice questions, and time games. It also offers learning tools like flashcards and tables for browsing celebrities without guessing.

This app is translated into 24 languages and can be removed by in-app purchases. The app has many pictures of legendary men and women from various epochs and cultures, making it a valuable tool for anyone interested in world history.

Key Points:

  • It offers over 100 questions about famous people from various time periods and regions.
  • It offers multiple-choice answers and high-quality images.
  • It is an engaging way to learn about different cultures and time periods.
  • It offers a leaderboard for tracking progress and an offline mode for playing the quiz anywhere.


I have shared 11 apps to learn history. All History apps provide a variety of interactive experiences, including timelines, quizzes, and immersive simulations, making learning about the past engaging and educational for all ages.

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