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Andi is a conversational AI and search engine that offers pure, unadulterated knowledge without ads or distractions. It combines generative AI, live data, and semantic search technology. It provides direct answers without overwhelming users with countless links. It uses generative AI to answer questions, generate codes, and solve mathematical problems. It can search the internet, explain complex information, and summarize lengthy information.

  • Provides answers, not just links
  • It doesn't collect personal data or track your searches.
  •  Enjoy a distraction-free search experience without ads.
  • A simple interface and conversational approach make searching intuitive.
  • It may not always provide the most comprehensive results.
  • It offers fewer customization options.

Andi is an AI search chatbot that uses generative AI combined with live data and semantic search technology to provide accurate, ad-free, and privacy-focused answers. It allows users to answer questions, find, summarize, and explain information, navigate the web, and understand complex pages.

Andi works like humans, combining language models with reasoning and common sense, making it think before answering and not making things up like other chatbots.

This company promises to be both private and anonymous, they will never share or store customer data, and only collect and retain sufficient data to help customers use the service effectively. Users can set Andi as their default web browser search engine and use it directly from their address bar.

What is Andi Search?


It is a search engine powered by generative AI that provides correct answers to questions and explains and summarizes information from reliable sources.

This tool offers answers to all types of questions you entered in their chat section. It will provide you info needed without the clutter of SEO spam, ads, and surveillance capitalism. It provides results in an easy-to-understand format and protects you from distractions.

Andi can generate code snippets, solve mathematical questions, search the internet for information, explain complex topics, and summarize lengthy content. It also offers tools like weather updates, time zones, and math problem solutions. Andi is ad-free and private. It aims to save users time by providing direct and accurate answers.


  • It delivers fast, accurate, and relevant results for search queries.
  • It has a user-friendly interface for tech and non-tech users.
  • It prioritizes user privacy by not collecting or storing personal information.
  • Offers various search options like image search, video search, and news search.
  • Users can customize search results based on criteria like date and location to get the most relevant information.


  • It does not support browsers like Edge or Opera.
  • It may not offer as comprehensive or diverse results as other search engines like Google or Bing.

Overall, Andi Search stands out for its focus on speed, accuracy, user privacy, and innovative approach to providing search results.

Features of Andi Search com

Andi Search is a conversational AI search chatbot that aims to provide direct answers instead of just links. I have also used this tool. I just opened a website with a link ( I used it without an account and any paid option. I just entered my query (Why use AI tools?). It will provide me with instant answers. Check the Image Below.

Andi Search com

It has provided answers with resources. In the sidebar, It also provides news and video results. Here are some key features and benefits of Andi Search according to our views:

  1. Generative AI Integration: Provides direct answers instead of just links.
  2. Conversational Search: Andi offers a visual and friendly interface like a chat session. Just enter an equation and get an answer to your result.
  3. Generative AI: Powered by large language models (LLMs), Andi combines reasoning and common sense to provide accurate and relevant answers.
  4. Ad-Free & Privacy-Focused: Andi provides an ad-free search experience and respects user privacy by not sharing search data with third parties.
  5. Real-World Magic: Andi delivers correct answers with accurate attribution, cuts through clutter, and provides summarized, easy-to-understand answers from the best sources.
  6. Problem Solver: Andi finds and solves challenges like misinformation, overwhelming search results, and privacy concerns.
  7. Visual Feed: Presents results in an easy-to-read format.
  8. Summarizer Feature: Summarizes articles appearing in Andi's search results.
  9. Set as Default Search Engine: Can be set as the default search engine for Firefox, Chrome, and Safari browsers.

If you are looking for a new way to search the web, Andi Search definitely worth it.

Andi Search Use Cases

  1. Summarize Articles: Andi can summarize lengthy articles to grasp the main points quickly.
  2. Compose Emails: Users can use Andi to compose emails, streamlining the process of drafting messages.
  3. Business Research: Companies can rely on Andi for market research, industry trends analysis, and competitive intelligence.
  4. Knowledge Management: Andi facilitates knowledge management within businesses by quickly generating answers to internal FAQs or building a comprehensive knowledge base,
  5. E-commerce Support: For e-commerce platforms, Andi assists in providing product information, comparing features, and addressing customer queries.
  6. Journalists and writers: can use Andi to quickly gather information and verify facts for their articles and stories.

How to use Andi Search?

  1. Access Andi: Visit or type your query directly into your browser's address bar.
  2. Generate Answers: Type your question or query in the search box, and Andi will provide you with direct answers along with links to the sources it used.
  3. Engage in Conversation: You can ask follow-up questions or request more details by typing them in the chat box below the answer to keep the conversation going and find what you need.
  4. Set as Default Search Engine: You can also set this browser as a Default Search Engine.

Andi Search Alternatives

  1. Perplexity AI: A search engine that uses AI to understand the intent and provide more relevant and informative results.
  2. DuckDuckGo: A privacy-focused search engine built from free/open-source software.
  3. Searx: A free internet metasearch engine that aggregates results from over 70 search services.

Is Andi AI safe?

Yes, Andi AI is designed to provide a safe browsing experience for users. It protects users from spam, harmful content, and unnecessary tracking, creating a more secure and productive online environment.

Where is Andi search headquarters?

Andi Search's headquarters are located in San Francisco, California.

What makes Andi different from traditional search engines?

Andi Search distinguishes itself from traditional search engines by offering direct answers, personalized experiences, AI-powered features, visual feed formats, ad-free viewing, user safety, privacy protection, and continuous improvement efforts.

How does Andi ensure the accuracy of its answers?

Andi ensures the accuracy of its answers through the use of generative AI, language models, high confidence, factual summaries and explanations, real-time data, and semantic search technology.

Who is behind the development of Andi?

Andi Search is developed by a small team led by two founders, Angela and Jed, who are on a mission to revolutionize the search domain and address challenges like misinformation, SEO spam, and surveillance capitalism.

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