11 Best AI Math Solvers For Homework Problems In 2024

AI math solvers are software applications or systems powered by artificial intelligence (AI) that can solve mathematical problems automatically. It offers step-by-step answers to your math homework problem.

Its AI systems use various mathematical algorithms, machine learning techniques, and natural language processing (NLP) to understand and solve a wide range of mathematical problems, from basic calculations to complex calculus and topics.

These AI systems also solve simple math problems involving addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. You can also use them as calculators.

Top 11 AI Math Solvers in 2024

Nowadays, AI tools are very popular in the market. Many AI math solvers provide detailed step-by-step solutions, helping users understand how to solve a particular problem rather than just providing an answer. Now check the list of Best AI Math Solvers.

  1. Interactive Mathematics: Get step-by-step explanations for various math topics.
  2. Snapxam: Solve problems by taking a picture.
  3. AI Math: Focuses on algebra, calculus, and statistics problems.
  4. Smodin: Offers video explanations and practice problems alongside solutions.
  5. Mathly: Find solutions to a variety of math problems.
  6. Wolfram Alpha: Powerful computational knowledge engine for math and more.
  7. Photomath: Solve problems by taking a picture and getting step-by-step explanations.
  8. Mathway: Get step-by-step solutions for algebra, calculus, and more.
  9. CameraMath: Solve problems by taking a picture.
  10. ChatGPT: Can answer math questions in an informative way, but may not provide step-by-step solutions.
  11. Symbolab: Solves a wide range of math problems, including symbolic calculations.

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1. Interactive Mathematics

Interactive Mathematics

This is the best AI Math Problem Solver. It can improve your math grades with unlimited math solutions. Top organizations trust our math lessons and content, including Nasa and Oxford.

For Math Solutions, This tool is more accurate than ChatGPT, more powerful than a math calculator, and faster than a math tutor.

You can also upload a picture of your math problem or enter it and immediately get a step-by-step solution to your math problems.


  • It offers step-by-step solutions to math homework problems.
  • You can also submit your math problems to receive personalized solutions.
  • It can handle tough word problems, algebra equations, and advanced calculus.
  • Its artificial intelligence language model provides accurate solutions compared to others.

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2. Snapxam


It is an AI-powered math solver to learn math step-by-step. You will learn to solve problems in a better way. Users will access solutions to their problems from all their devices whenever needed.

It allows you to choose your preferred solving method. This tool will save time in understanding mathematical concepts and finding explanatory videos. You can also visit its YouTube channel for video explanations.


  • This tool provides instant math help 24/7 to students.
  • You can solve a math problem using the right method.
  • It is like taking a book with thousands of solved problems.
  • It is a math virtual assistant that helps students learn math faster and easier.

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3. AI Math 

Air Maths

This is the best tool that will help you to solve all your math questions, from algebra to calculus. Students can scan math problems, and its AI will suggest accurate answers in no time.

It provides step-by-step solutions, and its expert math tutors are here to give answers via live chat. Its authentic AI technology will give you the answer right away.

Using the Chrome extension, you can snap and crop your math problem from the web and ask for a solution straight from the web.

It will provide solutions related to Pre-Algebra, Geometry, Algebra, Precalculus, Trigonometry, Statistics, Discrete Mathematics, Finite Mathematics, and Differential Equations.


  • This is the best app designed for students struggling with math homework and test prep.
  • It provides a 1:1 live chat service with expert tutors who are on standby 24/7.
  • Its authentic AI technology will give you the answer right away.
  • AIR MATH is all FREE.

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4. Smodin


This tool will provide the ultimate solution for your math assignments. Its advanced algorithms provide accurate and efficient solutions to your math problems. 

When you input your assignment or question, it will generate step-by-step solutions in seconds. You can practice solving problems and reviewing concepts to ensure you are fully prepared for your exam.


  • You can complete your assignments in no time.
  • It provides accurate solutions every time.
  • This tool eliminates the risk of errors and mistakes.
  • Its 24/7 availability guarantees that you can access it at any time.

Join Smodin for Math solutions.

5. Mathly


This tool will solve your math problem and explain it in a way that actually makes sense. It also generates additional practice problems to check your understanding.

It is available for early access and offers a way to learn math better, smarter, and faster. You can also connect with its team to solve some specific problems.


  • It provides math homework solutions and explanations.
  • It can solve math problems from a photo and generate follow-up questions.
  • This tool generates personalized explanations adjusted to your learning style.
  • It also creates similar problems for you to answer.

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6. Wolfram Alpha

Wolfram Alpha math

This is the best tool to help with math homework, solve specific math problems, or find information on mathematical subjects and topics.

It provides a wide range of information and tools for computing answers related to math and other subjects. It is also famous for math and physics.

It will provide step-by-step solutions related to elementary math, algebra, plotting & graphics, calculus & analysis, geometry, differential equations, and statistics.


  • It is available for Android and iOS devices.
  • It is the best tool for computing answers related to math.
  • It will solve engineering problems and answer scientific questions.
  • Professionals, students, and hobbyists can use it to solve problems.

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7. Photomath

Photomath logo

Photomath is the best platform to solve the math problems. It will provide solutions to math problems and the steps taken to achieve the solution. Its current mission is to help people understand math in no time.

It is free and easy to use and acts as a digital math tutor for students and parents struggling with math homework. It is also helpful for teachers to generate questions and find the best solutions to math problems.

It also offers a paid version with additional features like animated tutorials and dynamic illustrations. It also handles a wide range of equations, including calculus and trigonometry.


  • It provides step-by-step solutions to help users understand how to solve the problem.
  • Millions of teachers use it as a tool to enhance the learning experience. 
  • You can scan a math problem written or printed on paper.
  • It offers Interactive graphs, Video learning, Multiple solution methods, and an Advanced scientific calculator.

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8. Mathway

Mathway logo

This Math solving tool is designed to solve math equations and explain the steps required to gain the correct answer. It is a very helpful platform for students who are learning at home or who do not have access to a tutor.

It helps with basic math, Pre-Algebra, Algebra, calculus, algebra, chemistry, statistics, and other subjects. You can type the math problem directly into the app. You can also take a photo of the problem with the smartphone camera.


  • It helps you get through your homework faster and with less frustration.
  • It provides access to a live tutor whenever you need additional help
  • It is available for free, but its premium version costs start from $9.99/month.
  • It instantly shows the answer and will display the steps involved in reaching the correct answer.

Join Mathway Free

9. CameraMath

CameraMath logo

It helps you get accurate, instant, and step-by-step solutions to your math homework problems. This tool provides a detailed solution and clear explanation to every math question. It also offers various problem-solving strategies.

It also provides access to thousands of authentic, professional math tutors. You will also get one-to-one online tutoring for students of all ages and all skill levels.


  • You will get math homework help and test preparation 24/7.
  • It t helps students of all levels, from elementary school through college.
  • It will show you the step-by-step solution with detailed explanations.
  • It covers all levels of math, from basic arithmetic to advanced calculus. 

Join Now CameraMath

10. ChatGPT

How to Use ChatGPT

Using ChatGPT for math solutions can be helpful for a wide range of mathematical problems, particularly for explanations, step-by-step solutions, and general math concepts.

You can use ChatGPT to solve the basic mathematics problems. It also provides step-by-step solutions to math problems to learn how to solve similar problems on your own.

ChatGPT may not always fully understand the context of a math problem, so you may need to provide clear and concise explanations of the problem you’re trying to solve.


  • It is helpful if you are struggling to understand a specific topic.
  • You will also learn the ways to solve the problems.
  • You can use ChatGPT to practice solving math problems.
  • It is available for free and provides a user-friendly interface.

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11. Symbolab


Symbolab is an online mathematical symbol calculator and solver that helps users solve various types of mathematical problems. It offers a wide range of math problems, including algebra, calculus, trigonometry, and more.

Type in or snap a picture of any math problem and get easy-to-understand step-by-step solutions. You will learn how to plot and analyze functions and equations with detailed steps. You will also learn how to solve geometry problems & proofs and draw geometric shapes.


  • It improves your math skills through interactive, personalized exercises and quizzes.
  • You can track your progress with detailed performance reports and analytics.
  • It offers Calculators and convertors for STEM, finance, fitness, construction, cooking, and more.
  • It provides a user-friendly interface and provides free solutions with basic steps to any math problem.

Join Symbolab

Conclusion: AI Math Solvers

AI Math Solvers are advanced tools that use advanced algorithms and machine learning to provide accurate and efficient solutions to math problems. These tools include Smodin, ChatGPT, StudyMonkey, Symbolab, Solvely, Microsoft Math Solver, AI: R MATH, and AIR MATH.

Which AI is best for solving math problems?

Overall, Interactive Mathematics,  AI Math, and Photomath are the best tools to solve math homework.

Is there any AI for solving math problems?

Yes, Interactive Mathematics is the best AI Math Problem Solver. It can improve your math grades with unlimited math solutions. Top organizations trust our math lessons and content, including Nasa and Oxford.

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